Attack at St. Joseph’s Oratory: “It struck me,” says a witness

Paul Lemay listened to Mass live on Friday morning when the rector of Saint Joseph’s Oratory, Father Claude Grou, was attacked with stabbings. The 76-year-old Granbyen claims to have been “shaken” by this scene that he calls “surrealist”.
P aul Lemay was still in shock when he confided in La Voix de l’Est shortly after the attack. “I often listen to mass on TV. Everything was going as usual. But when I saw a young man with a white cap go up to Father Grou, I knew there was something wrong. I saw the boy jostling his father and knocking him down on the floor. It looked like a movie scene. A priest stabbed in the Oratory was unthinkable. It hit me. We could see people in panic, screaming and coming out of the crypt. “

Although he concedes that it is early to draw conclusions, Paul Lemay is of the opinion that this aggression is only the tip of the iceberg. “The religious will have to pay attention. Their security could be threatened. We are seeing more and more people turning their backs on the Catholic Church. With the sex scandals of priests with young people, it is nothing to bring people back to the churches. Someone has to be really rebellious, or he does not have all his head to stab a priest. ”

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This attack even leads to a questioning of the faith of the Granbyen. “I hope it will be the only attack of its kind here. But I admit that for some years now, I have been wondering about the [relevance] of religion in my life. I am less fervent. One thing is certain, it does not augur well for the Catholic faith with gestures like that. “

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