“Attracted” by little girls: Louis Marcotte will remain in prison

The Régie de police de Memphrémagog (RPM) arrested Mr. Marcotte almost a week ago.

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Tommy Brochu La Tribune La Couronne opposes the release of Louis Marcotte, a resident of Magog who openly declared on Facebook to have an attraction for children. The latter is currently detained at the Hôtel-Dieu and will be assessed to know whether or not he was responsible when he was arrested in front of a school in Magog, whereas he had signed the day before a commitment not to be find in the presence of children under 16 years old.

Louis Marcotte made specific comments on Facebook. “Do I have an attraction for little girls?” Definitely! For young men? No doubt! The accused wrote on Facebook. His profile was subsequently deactivated, but a screenshot went viral on the internet.

“Ps Little girls… their little faces are so attractive and they are so delicate!” It's like whipped cream, ”the 60-year-old also mentioned.

“But if you want to have a day like that at the Valcartier aquatic park… the age when they adore this kind of relationship and where I can be efficient are between 3 and +/- 12 years”, he added.

Mr. Marcotte was found fit to appear. He will return to Judge Conrad Chapdelaine on December 10. As he could not appear from the hospital, Judge Chapdelaine decided to proceed in his absence to declare him fit to appear. He is accused of breach of condition.

According to Le Reflet du lac, no action on children had been committed. He was arrested near a Magog elementary school for breach of condition.


Jacques Desgrandchamps, the father of the Servites accused of acts of a sexual nature committed on a boy in the 1970s, was unable to register his plea. According to his lawyer, Gérard Larocque, he would not have been lucid enough to do so.

“This morning I spoke to him about the facts, I am not in a position to speak with him, explained by video-conference his lawyer, Gérard Larocque, who was directly from the CHSLD where Mr. Desgrandchamps lives. Unfortunately, I will not be able to take a plea, Your Honor. There are bad days, like today. I would not be ethically at ease to settle the matter at the moment ”

“With the masks and visors, he's a little confused. It takes him five to ten minutes before he recognizes me, ”added the lawyer.

Another assessment will therefore be administered and the case was postponed on December 14. An assessment report was filed in court last October.

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