Bagels on your feet thanks to Nike

foot-bagels through ;that's Nike

Nike took inspiration from Montreal bagels to create a shoe with a unique style.

Montreal bagels are so iconic, and internationally renowned, that they are now entitled to nothing less than a pair of Nike shoes bearing their image. Fanciful yet stylish sneakers that will appeal to both fashion lovers and sesame bagel fans.

The “Montreal Bagel sneakers >>, Dunk Low type shoes, are directly inspired by the Montreal bagel with their beige color and sesame seed pattern. Of course, there is also the famous Nike logo, which was adorned in blue for the occasion, a nod to the color of the flag of our beautiful province.

Shoes will be available starting January 17 at 10am for US$120 . As they are displayed only on the American version of the Nike site, it is not yet known if the model will also be available online in Quebec. That said, Montrealers won’t have to wait as an exclusive launch will take place at the boutique specializing in streetwearOff the Hook (1021 Sainte-Catherine St. West) on January 13.

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It remains to be seen if we will snatch them with the same appetite as those inspired by the famous buns with natural sourdough in the shape of a ring that make Mo run

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