Baptism in north-coastal for Mélanie Joly

Baptême nord-côtier pour Mélanie Joly

The minister of economic Development and official Languages, Mélanie Joly, talks with the founder of Lefebvre Industri-Al, Marc Lefebvre (left), during the announcement of the financial assistance from the federal to the company.

January 13, 2020 22h31


Baptism in north-coastal for Mélanie Joly

Baptême nord-côtier pour Mélanie Joly

Steeve Paradis

The Sun


BAIE-COMEAU — For the first time in his political career and even his adult life, the minister of economic Development and official Languages, Mélanie Joly, stopped in Baie-Comeau. She argued, inter alia, to the entrepreneurs of the North Shore, that the federal government is listening to them.

In addition to meet Monday the members of the Chambre de commerce de Manicouagan to discuss economic issues of the region, the minister announced an interest-free loan of $ 1.7 million to the company Lefebvre Industri-Al for his project of recovery of the residues from the production of aluminium, unique in the world in the words of the founder of the company, Marc Lefebvre.

The current processes are expensive and polluting, can recycle between 40% and 50% of the foam is aluminum. The process on which board Lefebvre Industri-Al since 2014 allows you to recover all of the scum. The metal recovered may well return in the primary production of the Alcoa smelter in Baie-Comeau, for the moment single customer of the SME.

This innovative project, valued at a total of $ 8 million, will create between 8 and 10 jobs. “This is the perfect example of a company that is in the recycling, which massively reduces the greenhouse gas emissions and creates jobs,” said the minister.

Of its meetings, Mélanie Joly has indicated to have engaged his interlocutors baie-comois Monday that they “have the impression that they are far from the federal. Me, I want to reduce this distance”. To be closer to the regions will allow him to get a better understanding of the projects. “I don’t want to defend projects that are disconnected”, she added.

Route 138

The minister has not been able to avoid the questions about the extension of route 138 on the Basse-Côte-Nord, a regional where Ottawa is rather dependent on the actions of Quebec.

“We are ready to work with Quebec. There has never been as much money in infrastructure programmes and 138, this is a project that is important,” said Ms. Joly, who was precisely in those days in Newfoundland, where he was presented the project of a tunnel between the island and the mainland. If the route 138 goes to Blanc-Sablon, newfoundland will be able to borrow if they wish to go elsewhere than at Labrador.

The bridge on the Saguenay

As for the bridge project on the Saguenay, Mélanie Joly has refused to dip, recalling that the infrastructure spending to Ottawa are based on the projects carried out by Quebec. “We expect to see”, has launched the one, which, moreover, stressed that his government has assisted the project QcRail a grant for conducting a feasibility study of this railway line of nearly 400 miles between Baie-Comeau and Dolbeau, Lac-St-Jean. “It is worthwhile that we look at this project.”

One of the priorities of the minister as holder of the economic Development is the ratification of the new Agreement, U.s.-Canada-Mexico (ACEUM), as designated under the acronym of the previous agreement, NAFTA (free trade Agreement north american).

“As government, we have still not ratified the NAFTA,” recalls Melanie Joly, who stresses the minority status of his government, and the position of the other parties. “The Bloc québécois has already said that he was against it. Be against the NAFTA, it is to be against jobs in Quebec”, to launch the politician, questioning the passage on the position to be taken by the New democratic Party (NDP).

“In the United States, the democrats have supported the agreement. Here, I do not see therefore why the NDP would not be the same.”

In a tone lighter, the federal minister has confessed that the last (and only) time she has set foot in Baie-Comeau, it was in 1993, during the presentation of the Games of the Quebec winter. She moved then in the sport of volleyball in the colours of the Montreal region.

Tuesday, Mélanie Joly went to Sept-Îles. Meetings with the authorities of the Port of Sept-Îles, the City, and the Innu of Uashat mak Mani-Utenam are included in its program. It will, among others, an advertisement in the field of aboriginal tourism.

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