BD: Quebecer Delaf takes the reins of Gaston Lagaffe

BD: Quebecer Delaf takes the reins of Gaston Lagaffe

Gaston Lagaffe

The character of Gaston Lagaffe will make his return after 30 years of absence and the disappearance of his creator, Franquin, announced Dupuis editions. The new series has been entrusted to Quebec cartoonist Delaf (real name Marc Delafontaine).

The return of Lagaffe, an album in the classic 48-page format, is due out on October 19, with a print run commensurate with the notoriety of this gentle, idealistic, lazy and inventive antihero: 1.2 million copies.

“It’s taking a risk. Even if it means relaunching the series, we said to ourselves that there was no point in doing it small arm. Because he’s one of the most emblematic characters of Franco-Belgian comics”, explained the editorial director of Dupuis, Stéphane Beaujean.

“Few expected him to return. But, for him, it’s time: If we hadn’t done that, he’dn’t have many years of notoriety left in front of him, because most comic book heroes who don’t find a sequel just disappear. simply”, he added.

Franquin made me want to do this job so it is with great respect and humility that I will take care of his Gaston.


Delaf, an obvious choice

Legendary characters such as Asterix, Lucky Luke or even more recently Corto Maltese, relaunched by Casterman in 2021, experienced a renaissance after the death of their creator.

In the case of Lagaffe, the choice of Delaf – co-creator of the series Les Nombrils – was imposed after the publication in 2017 of a tribute to André Franquin, La Galerie des blunders, where the page drawn by the Quebecer struck readers with its mimicry with the work of the Belgian designer (1924-1997).

“This tribute by Delaf imitated the Franquin perfection, everyone said it. It’s therefore the return of Gaston in his canonical character, as close as possible to the original version,” underlined Mr. Beaujean.

Quebec cartoonists have the wind in their sails. On Thursday, Montrealer Julie Doucet received the Grand Prix d’Angoulême, the most important award in the field of French-language comics.

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