Beaudin proposes a policy for road safety

Beaudin proposes a policy for road safety

Safety in the streets of Sherbrooke should be the subject of a policy, argues Évelyne Beaudin.

Share September 22, 2020 7:26 pm Share Beaudin proposes a policy for road safetyBeaudin proposes a policy for road safety

Jonathan Custeau La Tribune Évelyne Beaudin asks that the City of Sherbrooke adopt a road safety policy. “Every week, I receive messages from citizens who want us to improve safety on residential streets,” she says.

“Until recently, a pedestrian was fatally struck on King Street East. In Estrie since 2014, seven pedestrians have been fatally struck and 344 injured. I focus on pedestrians because they are the most vulnerable users, followed closely by cyclists. There is a decrease in accidents between cars, but an increase in pedestrian deaths in accidents that involve cars, ”she said during the period of messages to the city council.

“I'm trying to see how we, as a city, can do everything to avoid such tragedies. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't feel like they're being listened to. Someone even went so far as to paint a symbol on their street. Perhaps it is because there is a certain fed up. People want to feel safe when they leave their homes. We realize that we are all pedestrians at one time or another. I have the impression that we tend to settle the situation on a case-by-case basis. We would benefit from thinking in a more global way on the file. We should adopt a road safety policy, somewhat like what is done in Quebec City. By setting goals, we will improve security on our territory. “

The president of the public security committee, Danielle Berthold, invited Ms. Beaudin to forward the text of her speech to her committee. “It must be said that the accident on King Est, the person was crossing at a place where they should not cross. It is not because of bad indications from the City of Sherbrooke that this accident happened. If people allow themselves to write in the streets, yes maybe there is a fed up, but you have to remember to follow the original channels. “

Beaudin proposes a policy for road safety

Évelyne Beaudin Photo Archives La Tribune, Jessica Garneau

Ms. Berthold mentions that the City has a three-step action plan to move the speed issue forward. “We will have the pleasure to present it to journalists this Thursday at 3:30 pm These will be the steps to make decisions with facts, perhaps this spring, or if we are lucky, before leaving for the next election. . Do not think that we take it lightly. I feel that our services are open to seriously analyze the decrease in speed, but also to watch for cyclists. “

Annie Godbout also mentioned the importance of having a global strategy. “We feel the tide is turning for safety in the streets. “

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