“Bébé symphonique”, a success that does not budge

«B&eacute ;b&bé symphonique”, a success that won  /></p>
<p> Extras for the “Bébé symphonique” show. </p>
<p>The success of the immersive <em>Bébé symphonique</em> show at the Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan is not going away. As proof, Espace pour la vie has decided to extend the event for the umpteenth time. </p>
<p>The performances were indeed due to end at the end of November, but they will finally be extended from December 1 to April 30.  </p>
<p>In order to live the experience, <em>Métro</em> accompanied a mother and her three-month-old twin daughters to attend this immersive show specially designed to meet the needs of awakening and stimulation of infants.&nbsp ;</p>
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On site, first observation, changing tables, diaper bins and spaces for strollers have been set up to allow parents to make the most of the spherical projection over 360 degrees. Poufs and blocks are also arranged throughout the room, the ideal furniture for stretching out and watching the images scrolling before your eyes, baby lying on you. 

“The environment of the dome has been used to create a very soothing environment, very consistent with the bubble of comfort that we are trying to create for babies”, explains the coordinator of scientific leisure activities at the Planetarium, Loïc Quesnel . It recalls in the same breath that the astronomical vocabulary is already present in the visual environment of toddlers or in the nursery rhymes hummed to them. 

“Bébé symphonique” don't bite

The Planetarium wanted to create a bubble of comfort with Symphonic Baby. Photo: Courtesy, Espace pour la vie, Mathieu Rivard

An interactive symphony 

Once the screening has started, we realize the adequacy of the title, since the many babies present take part in the symphony of the work through their cries, tears, laughter, babbling and chirping. 

“We wanted to ensure that the presence of a large group contributed to the experience, admits Loïc Quesnel. That's why children have the right to express themselves during the show.” 

There is never a parent who is going to get tapped on the shoulder and told their baby is making too much noise.

Loïc Quesnel, coordinator of scientific leisure activities at the Planetarium

Parents can go out and come back as they please during the screening; everything has been done so that the child feels perfectly well and can live his life as a baby. 

A need to socialize 

When asked to explain the success of Bébé symphonique, Loïc Quesnel names, among other things, the need for parents to socialize. 

“One of the biggest problems that what we have with Bébé symphonique is that people don't want to leave the theatre, he laughs. It's hard to get people out of there, because they're happy to come and in fact, the few interventions we have to make are with parents who socialize a little too much and who are happy to do something them with babies.”  

Another proof of the success of Bébé symphonique: the concept was sold abroad.  

“A premiere took place recently in Hamburg,” says Loïc Quesnel, adding that other places have shown great interest in the show. 

Bébé symphonique is presented as a double program with Star dust, allowing you to discover the starry sky in the company of a scientific animator. 

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