Bell Center: tickets for Blink-182 tonight starting at $40

Centre Bell: tickets for Blink-182 tonight starting at $40

Blink-182 fans who had given up on a ticket to the concert on May 12 at the Bell Center due to the high cost of tickets will be delighted to learn that it’s possible to attend tonight’s show for only…$40!

A few hours before the launch of the show pop-punk, the site put on sale drastically cheaper tickets than those initially offered when the event’s announcement . These then fluctuated around $235 for a place in the stands of the arena and $578 for the floor.

However, – by buying a seat at $40 – make a few concessions and accept a seat in the wings behind the stage.

Faced with the rates announced last fall in anticipation of the mythical group's performance, several fans of the Californian formation, who had bought a seat for the Bell Center performance, had expressed their displeasure.

“I just ruined myself taking my tickets for blink-182… exclaimed a surfer on Twitter.

As a consolation to Montrealers who cannot afford to break the bank for this occasion, a bar in the metropolis had even raised the idea of ​​a free tribute show to Blink-182, which will would take place the same evening, at the same time as the group's concert.

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