Benoît Gagnon: “I think people appreciated how I am”

Benoît Gagnon: “I think people liked how I am”

Benoît Gagnon was ousted from reality TV Big Brother Celebrities, two weeks after Jérémy Demay. We took stock with him of his adventure.

HPQ: Why did you agree to do Big Brother?

Benoît Gagnon: “Ah, it’s a good question, it’s funny! I was told about it season one, season two, and I think I was not ready at that time (…) This year, when the invitation came, to my surprise, I could move some stuff . I could arrange my schedule accordingly and since I'm a challenge guy, having seen season one and season two I thought to myself: Why not try it, why am I spoiling myself this year not? (…)»

HPQ: What was the best advice you were given before leaving?

BG: “I was told not to trust anyone, which I did, except with Alex who is a personal friend! I had said to Nathalie, my spouse: I want to stay myself, I don't want to start changing because it's a TV show (…)! She said to me: What I love about you coming in is that people see the host every day, they hear it on the radio, they've seen it on TV (…) you are there to highlight others all the time (…) in something like Big Brother (…) you let your guard down and you really become you, your own personality (…) people don't don't know much about this version of you (…) I think she was right, I think people appreciated, without any pretense, how I am (…)”

HPQ: Does can we say that the image that was projected of you on television shows the real Benoît Gagnon?

BG: “Oh yes! We didn't see him much, but I made dinner almost every night, Korine and I were in charge of the grocery list with everyone's 8444 requests, gluten-free, lactose-free, dairy products (…) quinoa, I have never bought so much tofu in my entire life! Just making the grocery list, it took like five hours (…) It was a total mess. So many times I found it exaggerated, but as much at Big Brother everything can become a reason to kick you out (…) I took all the requests from everyone! In the end, Korine and I was pulling my hair out (…)!”

HPQ: You yourself had a second chance (…) what do you think of the second odds?

BG: I love second chances, I did it with Jérémy my vote was for him the first week because he realized in the house that it was not appreciated that he came back with the elbows in the air (…) I had one so I was super happy! (…) The mini-can challenge arrived (…) my boyfriend Martin beat me that day. He was better and he deserved the victory, I say congratulations to him (…)”

HPQ: We can say that it is one of Martin's hidden talents, to handle the miniature object (…)?

BG: “Wait, there is not just that! Did you know Martin does the split? Martin is the most flexible guy in the house. Martin, I think he went to the gym twice and if you add up the two times he stayed maybe four minutes! (…) he does the split, he waits for his thing in the microwave which is in the large piece of furniture on the island, he puts himself (…) almost like a little man in balance (…) it’s extraordinary! He should not be underestimated, he is first and foremost such a fine guy, with a heart that big! I was surprised that he accepted the challenge because I had heard him in the last week where he said: I miss my gang, I miss my beautiful Marie (…) I feel like going for coffee with my girlfriend, going to dinner at the restaurant with my guys (…) I was also told that in the week I left, he was still very bored, that he was in a hurry to leave, that he was questioning himself (…)”< /p>

HPQ: You're going to make a big comeback to your life, I wouldn't say normal, but your life before, what are the projects that are coming up for you?

BG: “Me, I always said that I wanted to make a big comeback on television! What I read is that people would really like me to do it (…) To work with people I like, for whom I have a lot of respect on a project that is really the fun, the answer is going to be yes immediately (…)! I'm due for a big TV show, come back strong and have something fun (…) I had 3000 emails, I'm a little behind on getting back to it, but I've seen the fun text messages from people who said to me: you'll go check your emails, we've written you something (…)»

HPQ: I say it like that, but could animating OD be a project?

BG: “Do they OD with slightly older people? (laughs) If that ever happens I'm going to listen with great pleasure, I think I'll be able to do it, I think I'll be happy (…) that's the kind of thing I could do (…) It's a good question, and that's the kind of stuff I'm going to like to think about in the next few weeks if I'm offered things like this!”

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