Beware of fake text messages from Hydro-Québec

Beware of fake text messages from Hydro -Quebec

After major power cuts, texting scammers pose as Hydro-Quebec by sending fraudulent links promising a refund. Hydro-Québec confirms that these text messages do not come from it.

“Remain vigilant, do not click on the links in these messages”, advises the Crown corporation via Twitter. The series of scam text messages comes after a wave of similar messages circulated on social media last week. Instead, Hydro-Québec recommends filing a report on the telephone line or on the “Open your eyes” web form, which exists specifically to report suspicious activities that compromise the company.

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Text messages generally take the following form. The fraudster claims to be Hydro-Québec, then claims to offer a refund following the power outages of the last few days and presents a link to claim the funds. By clicking on the link, personal information is usually requested. A way “to obtain personal or financial information from recipients in order to usurp their identity and extract funds from them,” says Hydro-Québec on its website.

Beware of fake text messages from Hydro-Québec

Tools for recognizing fraudulent messages are also available on the Hydro-Québec website in the fraud prevention section.

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