Big Brother Celebrities: encourage diversity!

Big Brother Celebrities: enweille diversity!

Marie-Mai hosts Big Brother Celebrities for a third time.

In Sunday's show, Marie-Mai unveiled the identity of the new candidates for Big Brother Celebrities.

The 16 players, from very diverse people will put their personal color to it in order to make the adventure more entertaining. Big Brother Celebrities is indeed a game in which candidates must play strategically while having a good game social in order to gain as much power as possible.

The first player to enter the house Big Brother is athlete Alexandre Despatie. He has decided to dive head first into the adventure and is very excited. He loves competition and reacts well to the pressure of his demanding job.

Next, we have comedian and tiktoker Liliane Blanco-Binette. This one wants to stay authentic during the adventure, even if it means that she thinks she will always cry like a baby!


Still #fyp

♬ original sound – Liliane Blanco-Binette

Then there is the comedian Jérémy Demay, who supposedly is passing, is not at all stressed about his entry in Big Brother. Indeed, the candidate already has his strategy and has formed alliances with a few candidates as soon as he entered the adventure.

Big Brother Celebrities: enweille la diversité !

Jérémy Demay

The actress and model Naila Louidort is able to play with emotions in order to convince others to follow her ideas. She also has a very good ability to adapt!

Also joined host Benoit Gagnon, who says he thrives on challenges and has good self-confidence. He is addicted to adrenaline and expects to experience a lot of dizziness. Indeed, he wants to go to the very end and will do everything to win.

Actress Jemmy Chicoine-Dubé is also ready to give everything. She agreed to participate in Big Brother and perform for real. She wants to surpass herself and live the full experience!

The actor Lelouis Courchesne who can be seen in particular in Club Solyis also in the game. He has a good ability to adapt and wants to seek strengths complementary to his own from his allies. And for him, the unexpected…it's motivating!

For his part, actor Martin Larocque knows all the workings of lies and wants to use them to lie to other candidates in order to win.< /p>

Drag queen Mona from Grenoble wants to win and put some life in the house!

Then the candidate Anas Hassouna prepared a lot before entering the studio by Big Brother. He feels more ready than ever to attack the new season and by the way… he hates losing!

Actress Marianne Verville is the eleventh candidate to have entered the adventure. The one who was known for her role as Aurélie Laflamme in the India Desjardins film thinks that people will be wary of her because of her profession which allows her to be good at “pretending”.< /p>

Comedian Korine Côté is very well prepared for her Big Brother adventure. She listened to a lot of shows and even practiced lying before getting into the game.

There is also entrepreneur Marie-Christine Lavoie, for whom loyalty is very important. She even thinks of changing the furniture around the house if the look is not to her liking!

The tiktoker and content creator Zoé Duval has unafraid of lying and feels capable of manipulating other candidates well if he has to. He also received good advice from the former candidate of Big Brother, his friend Camille Felton.

Natalie Choquette, the soprano, writer and mother of Éléonore, former contestant of Big Brother Celebrities, thinks she is the mama of the contestants this year. She wants to win, but thinks she's going to ally with everyone.

Finally, Acadian comedian Coco Belliveau has the talent to…not be a threat! Since she loves chatting with everyone, maybe she could talk too much and say too much.

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