Big Brother Celebrity Lack of Big Stars makes people react

The absence of big stars & ldquo; Big Brother Celebrity & rsquo; l & rsquo; makes us react & rsquo; /> </p>
<p> Marie-Mai once again hosts“ Big Brother Celebrities ”</p>
<p> During the launch of the second season of <em> Big Brother Celebrities </em> Sunday evening, we finally discovered the identity of the 17 participants of this reality show. Several Internet users laughed at the fact that most of them are little known to the general public. </p>
<p> These personalities are Hugo Barrette, Claudia Bouvette, Valérie Carpentier, PL Cloutier, Marc-Antoine Dequoy, Michelle Desrochers, Guylaine Guay, Stéphanie Harvey, Eddy King, Éléonore Lagacé, Catherine “Peach” Paquin, Seb Plante, Lysanne Richard, Martin Vachon, Karl Walcott and Tranna Wintour. </p>
<p>Having tested positive for COVID-19, comedian and host Stéphane Fallu will join the adventure next Sunday. </p>
<p> On social networks, Internet users have made fun of the fact that the names many of these “celebrities” say nothing to the general public, although most of them are renowned in their respective fields such as sports and humor. </p>
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Recall that the contestants are competing to win a grand prize worth $ 160,000. Throughout the 13 episodes hosted by Marie-Mai, they will have to stand out by creating alliances, using strategies and winning challenges.

The first season of Big Brother Celebrities was a big hit last year, becoming the most watched show on the Noovo network.

Who are the participants of Big Brother Celebrities ?

  • Hugo Barrette – Olympic cyclist
  • Claudia Bouvette – Singer-songwriter
  • Valérie Carpentier – Singer
  • PL Cloutier – Youtubeur
  • < strong> Marc-Antoine Dequoy – Professional football player
  • Michelle Desrochers – Comedian
  • Stéphane Fallu – Comedian
  • Guylaine Guay – Host and author
  • Stéphanie Harvey – World champion in video games
  • Eddy King – Comedian
  • Éléanore Lagacé – Singer-songwriter
  • Catherine “Peach” Paquin – Content creator
  • Seb Plante – Singer
  • Lysanne Richard – Extreme diver
  • Martin Vachon – Comedian and actor
  • Karl Walcott – Comedian
  • Tranna Wintour – Humorist

Big Brother Celebrities airs from dima nche to Thursday at 6.30 p.m. in Noovo.

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