“Bio Degradable,” the cult show that pokes fun at autobiographies, is back

«Bio Dégradable», the cult show that makes fun of autobiographies, is back

Pierre-Luc Brillant and Didier Morissonneau

Almost 15 years after its very first performance, the Cabaret Bio Dégradable is back to make the public laugh out loud with the worst autobiographies of stars.

“It's still funny”, assures the creator of the Cabaret, Didier Morissonneau.

The concept, acclaimed by critics, is simply genius: actors read extracts, considered as ridiculous or insignificant, autobiographies of Quebec artists. “When it gets funny, it's when the person overestimates their importance in the universe,” explains Didier Morissonneau, still so enthusiastic after so many years.

It was all smiles and armed with several autobiographical books that he joined Métro in a Montreal café. 

A week before the performance, the cabaret producer literary Bio Dégradable is reading Make the choice of happiness, written by singer-songwriter Étienne Drapeau. “To find a book worthy of making the show, I have to read ten or so,” says Didier Morissonneau.

What are the criteria for an autobiography to pass the test? The text must be completely uninteresting or else have no logic. Or, again, that whoever wrote it was extremely pretentious.

And the reactions are always unanimous, says Didier Morissonneau.

“Throughout the show, what you hear in the room, like a mantra, is 'Well, let's see!', 'Well, that can't be!' or 'He didn't write that for real?'” he says.

It is therefore the content, paired with the talent of the actors endowed with an excellent “sense of timing“, which makes the success of this literary cabaret. Besides, , one of the readers present since the very beginning of the project is the actor Pierre-Luc Brillant. The latter affirms that there “is not a time when he did not die of laughter” while interpreting one of the autobiographical texts.

“I never got sick of myself,” he continues.  

“Bio Dégradable», the cult show that pokes fun at autobiographies, is back

The actors of Cabaret Bio Dégradable

Didier Morissonneau

An inexhaustible gold mine

Even after more than a hundred performances, Didier Morissonneau and his troupe still have material to play. 

Because there is an inexhaustible gold mine of autobiographies to deride.

“People keep writing their autobiographies and it seems like no one gets the message. They continue and it’s perfect,” rejoices the producer.

Since 2008, the year in which the first version of Cabaret Bio Dégradable was presented at Café Cléopâtre, the show has been enriched with as many excerpts from new autobiographies published over the years as old books found by the producer.

“In Quebec, we have too many autobiographies of stars, partly because publishers are subsidized by volume. It's unbelievable the thousands of trees we killed for that,” says Mr. Morissonneau.

Moreover, he mentions that part of the profits are donated to Tree Canada, a foundation which promotes the planting and maintenance of trees in urban and rural areas of the country. 

New this year, the team is preparing a special tribute to the great fallen. 

Bio Degradable 2.0: the writings remain… will be presented at the Cabaret Lion d’Or on June 2 at 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale for people 16 and over for $31 plus taxes and fees.

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