BIXI will now be available in winter

BIXI will now be available in winter

BIXI innovates by proposing with great fanfare a pilot project of bicycles available year-round. The project, which has been awaited for several years, will be deployed in an area of ​​100 square kilometers which covers seven different districts.

150 of the 850 stations will be maintained outside the summer season, confirms city councilor Sophie Mauzerolle. Preferred areas will be “near metros and the REV,” according to BIXI Council Chairman Alexandre Taillefer.

Obviously, the Montreal winter imposes its challenges for cycling. The bikes available in the winter season will be adapted, in particular with “studded tires”. Mr. Taillefer also confirms that the deployment of this service will require rigorous maintenance of the bike paths. Regular snow clearing of the lanes will therefore be ensured for the safety of BIXI users.

However, the arrival of the pilot project does not imply a new annual subscription. BIXI is maintaining its seasonal subscription, its monthly subscriptions and its prices per minute. Monthly subscriptions and rental by the minute will be the only rental modes available for the winter season. The pilot project phase of the year-round BIXI offer will determine the permanent viability of this service. When the project is formalized, BIXI should offer an annual subscription, according to Mr. Taillefer. He also estimates that the non-summer season could represent nearly “10% of annual use”.

No innovation without investment

With a record number of trips recorded for its 2022 season, BIXI is experiencing “exceptional growth which demonstrates beyond any doubt the enthusiasm that Montrealers have for self-service bikes”, for Mr. Taillefer. The arrival of electrically assisted bicycles, which have doubled “the average distance” traveled by BIXI, would have contributed to this positive assessment, according to the chairman of the company's board.

Monetarily, it is however, thanks to its financial partners, BIXI can afford to innovate. To the list is officially added Loto-Québec, also announced the rental bike company this morning. The financial partnership will be in effect for the next three years.

This partnership for Loto-Québec is more than natural given the importance we place on social responsibility, but also on the fight against climate change

Benoît Lefrançois, Corporate Vice-President of Loto-Québec, .

For BIXI, it is also an opportunity to innovate in terms of geographical offer, while the craze for cycling does not not only felt in downtown Montreal.

With 36 new stations, new territories, such as Roxboro, will be served. “We definitely have opportunities to occupy more and more space in Montreal and that's what we're going to do,” says Mr. Taillefer.

To take advantage of these new features, however, it will be necessary spend a little more than last year. The company is raising its prices by 7% for the seasonal, monthly and minute subscription. If $92 were necessary to obtain a season pass in 2022, it will now be necessary to pay $99.

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