BleuBleu and Pierre Kwenders celebrate all the colors of Quebec

BleuBleu and Pierre Kwenders celebrate all the colors of Quebec

Pierre Kwenders at the BleuBleu festival

Wonderful Saint-Jean-Baptiste evening at the BleuBleu festival in Carleton-sur -Mer in the company of Montrealer of Congolese origin Pierre Kwenders who offered a most enjoyable dancing and multilingual show.

While the Saint-Jean show in Montreal the day before had the slogan “I love my language” and Bill 96 currently being discussed in Quebec aims to strengthen Bill 101, we had to go to Gaspésie to attend a celebration of Saint-Jean-Baptiste where different languages ​​and cultures came together to make our beautiful province dance and celebrate.

“That's also Quebec”, launched Pierre Kwenders in front of a crowd in ecstasy at the end of the show after singing in Ingala, French, English, Tshiluba and Kikongo the songs from his latest album José Louis and the Paradox of Love as well as older hits.

Not only one language

Meet by Metroon the beach a few hours before his performance, the singer-songwriter explains that he believes that Quebec's identity is not limited to the French language.

When it comes time to celebrate our national holiday , he believes that “we must break the mental barrier of saying that because music is sung in languages ​​other than French, it does not celebrate Quebec or contribute to Quebec pride”.

That said, he also insists that he does not want us to completely stop the shows only in French for Saint-Jean, but that he just wants us to make room for more people.

Quebec for all

“It's beautiful when we all celebrate together. Quebec belongs to all of us. We can all live happily together.”

That the BleuBleu festival invites him to perform the Saint-Jean show is, according to him, an example to follow. It is also an honor for him, who is very proud to be a Quebecer, just as he is proud to be a Congolese, and who adores Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day. 

“One of the first that I celebrated in Quebec is Saint-Jean. I remember when I was younger with my friends, we went to celebrate in Quebec every year. It's a source of pride, it's part of this culture that welcomed me, you have to be proud of it.”

Unsurprisingly, when he was younger at these Saint John celebrations, he didn't necessarily feel well represented. He believes that this is still the case for many people today, but he strongly believes that there is a place for everyone when it comes time to celebrate Quebec.

Programmers Myriam Sophie Deslauriers and Anne-Julie St-Laurent did not want to make a political statement with this choice of show. “Precisely, it's fun that there is none,” says Anne-Julie St-Laurent. The goal was to make people dance and it's mission accomplished.

For all tastes

The BleuBleu festival continues throughout the weekend with a highly diversified programme. Marjo, Mike Shabb, Jerusalem In My Heart, Hubert Lenoir, Ariane Roy and many others will follow one another in different places in the city during the weekend.

The programmers concoct their programming according to their favorites keeping in mind that everyone can enjoy it.

“We always try to have at least one show that my father will want to go see, another that my little cousin from Carleton will want to see and another that my friends in Montreal are going to want to see,” explains Myriam Sophie Deslauriers. from Montreal as for others from Carleton who come back year after year.

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