Bosses say yes to a green transition… but need help getting there

Bosses say yes to a green transition… but need help getting there

Decarbonizing the economy is a path companies want to borrow, but there are still too many obstacles hindering this green transition, notes the Conseil du patronat du Québec (CPQ) following a consultation of its members.

The CPQ, which has just published a report entitled “Accelerating the shift”, is convinced that the ecological transition and the greening of the economy can constitute sources of profitability, competitiveness, pride and wealth for all of Quebec. In fact, companies (70%) agree that more action is needed to fight global warming, according to the CPQ survey conducted last month.

However, support is necessary and to do this, the CPQ proposes that the government put on the table a few measures that reward good behavior, between eco-taxation, circular economy, transport and land use planning. “Companies will lose out if they do not see the opportunity to be competitive and innovative while reducing their impact on the environment. Most have understood the urgency, but they need support to face this colossal challenge,” notes CPQ President and CEO Karl Blackburn.

Review the criteria of the lowest-bidder

The CPQ makes a few recommendations aimed at greening the economy, such as reviewing the “lowest bidder rule” that exists in the tendering process or in those of municipalities in order to integrate environmental criteria. “The least expensive solutions are not necessarily the most sustainable”, indicates the CPQ in its report to this effect.

Ecofiscality is also put forward since it is a direct incentive to reducing the carbon footprint. “It deters harmful practices while rewarding companies and organizations that adopt sustainable practices,” the report adds. The CPQ nevertheless notes that the government is open on the subject since the Plan for a Green Economy 2030of the Government of Quebec, unveiled at the end of 2020, incorporates some of these fiscal tools.

Other regulatory measures would make it possible to promote the circular economy with beneficial environmental and financial consequences.

A study carried out on behalf of the European Commission indicates that a 1% reduction in the consumption of resources resulting from a more efficient use of these could generate economic benefits of several billion euros.

The CPQ's environmental commitment entitled “Accelerate the shift”

This economic form aims to optimize the use of resources in order to generate less waste or waste. The circularity index in Quebec, which indicates the percentage of resources used that are put back into the economy, is 3.5%, while the world average is 8.6%. The scraps of some can be raw material for others.

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