“Break!”: unraveling the mysteries of unexplained fatigue

«Crevé ;e!”: unlocking the mysteries of unexplained fatigue

Do you constantly feel exhausted? Bianca Gervais too, but instead of resting, she decided to shoot a documentary series on the subject aptly baptized Crevée!

Looking at the same, it may not seem very logical, but the objective is to understand this phenomenon in order to get out of it. “His approach, both philosophical and on the ground, will be documented by his spouse Sébastien Diaz, who promises an exploded achievement for Crevée!“, can we read in the press release from ICI TOU.TV EXTRA.< /p>

The four 22-minute episodes soon to be under construction will appear on this platform in 2023-2024 in the VÉRO.TV section.

Running out of solutions

In order to overcome fatigue, Bianca Gervais claims to have tried everything: yoga, supplements, therapy, Buddhism… “Running out of solutions, she now wants to investigate the sources of the exhaustion that afflicts us all. If we manage to find the culprits of our overwork, maybe we can finally start to free ourselves from them?”, we wonder.

To understand what explains this Very tired, Bianca Gervais is ready to undergo tests, to question herself, to change her daily life or to sound out specialists who will be able to shake her convictions. “All with a lot of self-mockery, outspokenness… and concealer,” concludes the press release.

Among the main suspects are in Bianca Gervais' crosshairs, among others metabolism, the boss, the family, the news depressing, the chakras and the cellular.

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