Breathalyzer: this new device detects alcohol “at the touch of 2 fingers”

Alcootest: this new device detects alcohol “at the touch of 2 fingers”

Montreal companies that subject their employees to routine alcohol tests will be able to do so much faster thanks to a new device that measures the level of alcohol simply by touching a detector with two fingers.

“No breath, blood or urine sample is required, just the touch of 2 fingers,” says Alco Prevention Canada's marketing director, Eric Ferron. Based in Laval and distributing alcohol detectors throughout Quebec, Alco Prévention Canada announced on Wednesday a partnership with the company Sobrsafe, in order to spread this new detection technology which it describes as a “technological revolution”.

The technology works by detecting alcohol emitted from the pores of the skin. In real time, the device determines the quantity of alcohol detected and whether or not the employee is able to go to their workplace.

We anticipate global demand for this technology and are thrilled to be the first company in Canada to promote Sobrsafe

Eric Ferron, Marketing Director of Alco Prévention Canada

Having many customers in Montreal, Alco Prévention Canada believes that the sectors that will benefit the most from this new technology are “commercial fleets, workplaces, transportation and school buses. In workplaces where employees are in the presence of “dangerous” machinery and tools, technology will “ensure safety,” according to Mr. Ferron. For example, it “will prevent an intoxicated worker from entering the floor of a factory or a driver from receiving the keys to a truck or a bus”, gives for examples a press release from Alco Prévention Canada.

In an interview, Mr. Ferron wanted to reassure any potential critic of the legality of such an effective detection system. Even when detection is imposed on employees, Éric Ferron asserts that the employee “accepts” the detection procedure by “accepting the job”.

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