Brian Mulroney criticized for treating Amanda Simard as a “little girl”

Brian Mulroney’s “little girl” qualifier for Ontario Independent MP Amanda Simard has provoked negative reactions on social media in Ontario, including the main figure.

In an interview broadcast Sunday night by Radio-Canada on the program Tout le monde en parle , the former Prime Minister of Canada noted that his daughter Caroline, who is Minister of Francophone Affairs, is also the Attorney General of Canada. Ontario, was still stationed to defend Ontario’s Francophones. Referring to Mrs. Simard, who has just turned 30, he added that “the little girl who resigned, she left; It’s finish.”

At the beginning of the day, Amanda Simard wrote on Twitter that Mr. Mulroney had tried to defend his daughter, who, in her opinion, completely dropped Franco-Ontarians. She added that the former prime minister “did great things for Canada, but that his words belonged to another era and that they had no place in a respectful and egalitarian society.”

In a message also posted on Twitter a few hours earlier, Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP) MP Guy Bourgouin told former Prime Minister Mulroney that “the legacy and culture of Francophones of the Are not just exchange money. ”

Glengarry-Prescott-Russell County Member of Parliament Francis Drouin described Mulroney’s comments as those of a “monuncle” who have “no place in our society”.

“We can talk about our children without denigrating another person. Amanda Simard has made big waves across Canada on issues affecting the Francophonie, “he wrote on Twitter.

The president of the Assembly of Francophonie of Ontario (AFO), Carol Jolin, thinks that Mr. Mulroney simply “misspoke”.

“As for me, it’s a bad choice of words. What I hear in her remarks is that since MP Simard is no longer part of the Conservative caucus, the best person is Caroline Mulroney, who is the Minister of Francophone Affairs. This is the person who is in place to speak for francophones. On that point, I agree with Mr. Mulroney. What Mr. Mulroney mentioned yesterday, there are some decisions that have been made and she is getting the job done. But in that sense, I can not speculate on the discussions that took place in the Prime Minister’s Office when those decisions were made, but I’m sure that Ms. Mulroney had some discussions. serious discussions, but between the minister and the prime minister, it is the prime minister who is moving forward with his agenda.

He added that a meeting should be held “very soon” between AFO and Ms. Mulroney in order to take stock of the AFO files, namely the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner and the University of Ontario. as well as the next challenges.

Mr. Mulroney, age 79, made a point of defending his daughter by saying that “Caroline is always there to defend the interests of Francophones in Ontario”.

“I was one of the struggles for 50 years for the francophone minority in Canada. I did not miss one. My daughter is lodged exactly in the same place as me. She is a member of a government, she is not the one who decides, she is just to work with her colleagues to repair the damage. It’s the best voice Ontario’s francophones could ever have, believe me, “he said.

Amanda Simard was elected to Glengarry-Prescott-Russell for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario in last year’s general election. A few months later, she slammed the door of the party at the refusal of Prime Minister Doug Ford to cancel the abolition of the francophone university project and ensure the survival of an independent commissioner of services in French.

The decision of Amanda Simard was then hailed by several personalities of the Ontario Francophone community. The position of the Ford government of which Caroline Mulroney is a part has, however, been widely criticized.

Amanda Simard has planned to answer in the afternoon at 1 pm questions to be submitted on the Facebook page of the Franco-Ontarian ONFR-TFO.

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