Brigitte Fontaine: “I am an anarchist passionate about!”

Brigitte Fontaine: «Je suis une anarchiste passionnée!»

“He said to me, subversive. It is a little old as a term… let’s just Say that I express myself as honestly as I can. I am an anarchist passionate about,” says Brigitte Fontaine.

December 4, 2019 18h29


Brigitte Fontaine: “I am an anarchist passionate about!”

Jean-François Guyot

Agence France-Presse


PARIS — “The scene, it is capital as the penalty of the same name!” : in the midst of a tour, the ever-erratic singer and French actress Brigitte Fontaine entrusts “his happiness” to regain the public “like a cat, its small”.

At the end of a photo session unbridled given to the AFP where it has multiplied the jokes, the “queen of kékés” starts the interview with a plea : “above all, do not give out my age!” “Do I have to put me on my knees? I am incompatible with the figures and the age,” she says.

“In fact, I’m incompatible with a lot of stuff… let’s Say I have 20 000 years ago, or rather I am not yet born. It is more simple!”

We often have to hold her eccentricities, less his poetry gross who provides him with yet a loyal following, offering the luxury to attract the latest generations, by his freedom of tone and its looks unlikely that have transformed it into a cult artist, collaborations fruitful, in particular with vocalists Alain Bashung and Étienne Daho.

In 1965, the history of install his character, the singer and actress called her first album, Brigitte Fontaine is… mad!!!. Today, the last real punk from France, according to the magazine Télérama, is defined as “creative-destructive not to be too nihilistic, not too terrorist, who love the beautiful letters and the bel canto”.

In 2013, the unclassifiable celebrated 50 years of a career drumming with I have the honour to be, a 20th album, set to music by Areski Belkacem, her companion in the scene as in the city.

She will be back on the 24th of January with Newfoundland , bringing together a dozen previously unreleased songs recorded with another accomplice, the guitarist and composer Yan Péchin who has worked also with Alain Bashung Jane Birkin and Jacques Higelin, the “brother” of the heart of Brigitte Fontaine, who disappeared last year.

“The adults are a pain in the ass”

“On this record, I sing of the green and not ripe, things violent, poignant, very funny also, impertinent and absolutely displaced, rotten, completely rotten”, she summarizes.

Brigitte Fontaine is particular to the Male assassin : “The vendetta of the con/It is the death of the couillon/That impaled all the male/Nor forgiveness, nor manif, enough parlementé/low-the stronger sex!”.

The movement #MoiAussi? “I’m tired of this story! When I think that it wants to ban a great guy like Roman Polanski, I am disgusted. It is clear from the things that was 45 years ago. Rape is a crime, but I am against prisons and against rape as well!”

With I will not, Brigitte Fontaine refuses : “I will not go to bed/I go to your hospital/I go to your Facebook/I will go to your funerals…”

Side great feelings, “the poet” — his name favorite, goes on with the song High security : “My heart is a painting without a painter for the paint/My heart is a logo that has nothing to sell/My heart is a dungeon without a rope to hang himself”.

“He said to me, subversive. It is a little old as a term… let’s just Say that I express myself as honestly as I can. I am an anarchist passionate, writes Brigitte Fontaine, who will never be adults because the adults are a pain in the ass”.

Don’t speak of religion! “All religions are prisons. I’m not an atheist, but I believe in nothing : the mystery is everywhere!” Such as date of birth, yet within reach of clicks.

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