Bryan Brulotte launches in the race for the succession of Andrew Scheer

Bryan Brulotte se lance dans la course à la succession d’Andrew Scheer

Bryan Brulotte, who grew up in Quebec, has campaigned for years in to the conservatives.

January 5, 2020 14h31

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Bryan Brulotte launches in the race for the succession of Andrew Scheer

The canadian Press


OTTAWA — A business man, a conservative of long standing, will launch Monday his campaign to succeed Andrew Scheer to head of the Party of the conservative.

Between the age of 55 years, Bryan Brulotte, who grew up in Quebec, has campaigned for years for the conservatives.

It will carry advertising, will launch a campaign on the social networks and publish a comprehensive program in order to take momentum early in the leadership race.

If Mr. Brulotte wants to start as quickly his campaign, is that it believes that its greatest asset is also its biggest obstacle: it is not a career politician and his reputation at the national level is almost zero.

“The only way we get elected is to attract new people”, he said during an interview conducted in a café in downtown Ottawa.

The new members that he hopes to recruit will allow the conservatives to form eventually a government, he added.

Some of the ideas that he profess, like that of wanting to find a territory of the Caribbean to turn it into a canadian province, seems to have as its objective to make known the candidate

Mr. Brulotte wants to make people think the activists conservatives to encourage them to discuss issues that are important to Canada. He wants to particularly talk about the country’s position in the world, changes that will hit the planet and the domestic economy.

“In our society, there is a bias broad that only the socialists and liberals care about people, one can read in his paper. I am a capitalist and I am concerned about me too.”

He also believes that a tax on carbon emissions is an effective tool, but it can only work if it is imposed by the federal government, because the natural resources are under provincial jurisdiction. He also recalled that each local economy had different needs and different abilities to manage emissions of greenhouse gases.

“What might work in the city centre of Toronto will not work in Regina, will not work in Fort McMurray and will not run in Saint-Jean-de-Terre-Neuve”, a-t-he stressed.

Mr. Brulotte is also a veteran. He was aide-de-camp to the governor-general Ray Hnatyshyn. Today he heads a major bureau of investment.

He said that his years of service, the executive positions that he has occupied during his career and his vision for the future of the country have encouraged him to present his candidacy.

The conservatives will choose on June 27, a new leader, but the rules of the race have not yet been announced.

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