Bye bye 2021: turn the page

Bye-bye 2021: turn the page

Claude Legault during Bye bye 2021.

2021 will have been a year to forget, like his particularly soporific Bye bye .

Perhaps it is Infoman & rsquo; s fault that set the bar high. But this traditional annual Quebec meeting has never really lifted. Between entertaining and making people think, Simon Olivier Fecteau and his scribes have instead opted for boredom, resulting in sketches of very uneven quality.

The pandemic was obviously at the heart of the concerns. It started off tentatively with an issue on the training halls. A funny gag in his spare time which dragged on, however, quickly losing its effect. Same story with this Beaux malaises session during curfew, which unnecessarily stretched all its humorous potential. It was, however, better than this stupidly free and nasty way of making fun of people doing their best in the vaccination process.

An aggressiveness that often looked away from the essential. It's so much easier to treat Véronique Cloutier as hysterical than it is to navigate the gray areas of the effects of menopause. It was even more absurd in the way of representing the problem of firearms. Why show compassion for a terrible human drama if you can only describe Alec Baldwin as a quick-pull James Bond? And why bring up the thorny issue of racial profiling if it's the best way to immediately leave it hanging?

A huge gap seemed to exist between the promising premise on paper and the rendering more than anything on the screen. Calling on David Goudreault in the shoes of a different professor eager for poetry is an idea worth its weight in gold. Should it only be used correctly. Recalling toxic stardom is another rich vein, which is shrinking by resorting to hackneyed clichés.

Moreover, it is always the same celebrities who get slapped on the fingers: Éric Duhaime, Jacythne René and other René-Charles Angelil. For the risk-taking, it will be necessary to iron. Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge was not spared during an interminable parody where only the last seconds managed to elicit a brief smile.

A chronic lack of humor that manifested itself in the many musical pieces that systematically fell into the water and in the usual way of imagining Montreal with its blocked streets, as in the ten previous editions of Bye bye . Even more desperate was this childish attempt to elicit a reaction from the viewer by multiplying the words penis and vagina while addressing binary and non-gender identities.

Even the nostalgic reliance on RBO members did not have the desired effect. The start of this description of a mini-putt game turns out to be hilarious, until the dubious innuendos coming out of an era we thought were finally over come around the corner.

At least there was a judicious flash on Denis Coderre's lack of transparency, a mind-blowing skit showing François Legault fighting wokes zombies and the irresistible dog Kiki from Mondou's advertisements to tell himself that the evening was not entirely in vain.

However, it was not very representative of the past year. Instead of talking about key moments like the assault on the United States Capitol or the rise in feminicides in the province, the editorial choice is set to ridicule Hubert Lenoir and Georges St-Pierre. For some rather cheerful allusions to unaffordable housing or to Justin Trudeau's regrettable vacations during an important commemoration ceremony, it's time for the multiplication of segments on the Montreal Canadiens. There was not one nor two but three issues on the subject.

This Bye bye was also in the image of their current season & # 8230; without the recent final to swallow the pill. Already at the helm of the show for a sixth consecutive year, Simon Olivier Fecteau appears on autopilot, rarely varying a recipe that has, over time, never left lasting memories. Despite their great talent, Guylaine Tremblay, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Mehdi Bousaidan and François Bellefeuille often play without emotion, stuck in caricature roles and limited scenarios that lack perspective. Bringing a little change to all levels would undoubtedly breathe new and life-saving energy.

No one watches this popular journal to gain awareness of the world around them. What is essential is the unifying and entertaining side of the event. Two qualities which are sorely lacking on the menu and which were more than necessary after such a depressing year as 2021.

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