Bye Bye 2022: from one extreme to the other

Bye Bye 2022: d&rsquo ;one extreme to the other

Normal life resumed a bit after the start of 2022 and its Bye Bye will also have needed some time to take his wanders off.

As usual, the review of the year, produced by Simon-Olivier Fecteau, Pascal L'Heureux and Isabelle Garneau, began in full color with a song on inflation interpreted by Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais, official recruit of this edition, who stole the show at each of his appearances.

Bye Bye 2022: from one extreme to the other

Opening number of Bye Bye 2022, Courtesy, ICI TÉLÉ

Unfortunately, the first three sketches of Bye Bye did not lift much. The issue on the labor shortage with children growing up quickly lost its effect by its length, and the first segment on the saga of passports lacked a bit of…everything. We were treated, between the two, to an advertisement for the film Top Conne (Top Gun) Sunwing flight edition. Essential subject, certainly, but which remained (very) on the surface, in particular by qualifying the pilot of plote. Lack of… how to say? Finesse?

Bye Bye 2022: From One Extreme to the Other

Sketch Top Conne, Courtesy, ICI TÉLÉ

The television event has started to hit hard when recovering from Stat. Guylaine Tremblay who played Suzanne Clément and Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais who played it à la Stéphane Rousseau – too Stéphane Rousseau for the role of a nurse – was a success, just like the saga Occupation Double on the show The Upside Down. Although François Bellefeuille was unrecognizable as Stéphan Bureau and Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse fairly imitated Julie Snyder, it is comedian David Beaucage as Isaac – candidate eliminated from ODfor intimidation – who stole the skit. Him, and of course the many flamboyant looks of Jay Du Temple – here played by Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais.

Bye Bye 2022: from one extreme to another

Pierre-Yves Roy- Desmarais en Jay Du Temple, Courtesy, ICI TÉLÉ

As highlights, we also find the segment L'épisserie, with Bruno Blanchet, impeccable in Denis Gagné, just like Julie Perrault in Johane Despins. A concept that has, yes, tackled inflation in a surprising and comical way. In this perspective of originality, we cannot ignore the passage Google Black to talk about systemic racism.

Comedian Louis-José Houde was able to bring freshness with his star role, spokesperson for arsenic, following the damage to the Horne Foundry (Bitches, as he says). And of course, the highly anticipated appearance of Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge at the very end did not disappoint. Performed by Guylaine Tremblay, he interrupted the Queen's last moments, a magic moment of the show, with his absurdity and the nonsense of his words – faithful to reality.

Bye Bye 2022: from one extreme to the other ;other

Guylaine Tremblay who plays Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Courtesy, ICI TÉLÉ

A few hollow areas have emerged along the way despite these good times, notably Dominic Paquet as a cliché guy of construction too much seen for too long, without forgetting Caleb's Girls on Netflik. Despite the good premise of Jerry Gold (Simon-Olivier Fecteau), representative of the company who wants to redo all the scenes of the Quebec series up to date, the pastiche quickly got lost in the coarseness of wokism.

A special without nostalgic flashes? Oh no! François Pérusse was on hand to remind young people who Véronique Cloutier is and bring back her clementines. Patrick Huard, for his part, brought Rogatien back to notably address the convoy for Libarté! Nice reminder well brought where Julien Corriveau of Appendices was able to appear in Pierre Poilievre &# 8211; aka C-3PO – and Marc-André Grondin as Rambo Gauthier – aka Mambo Number 5.

Bye Bye 2022: from an extreme ;me to another

Courtesy, HERE TV

Bye Bye 2022: from one extreme to the other

Courtesy, ICI TÉLÉ

Fortunately the tour segment of Justin Trudeau Juste un p'tit malaise made it possible to get out of Quebec to take a look at the world events of the year – notably the War in Ukraine – which surprisingly did not feature prominently in this year's review, unlike the late 2022 edition of Infoman which preceded the Bye Bye .

So it was a pretty uneven Bye Bye 2022 with some really good shots, but also moments where you wondered why the ads were more fun than the sketches.  

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