Canada is monitoring the situation after a vote of the iraqi Parliament

Le Canada surveille la situation après un vote du Parlement irakien

Demonstration in Karachi against the striking american, having caused the death of the general iranian Qassem Soleimani.

January 5, 2020 16h38


Canada is monitoring the situation after a vote of the iraqi Parliament

The canadian Press


OTTAWA — The canadian government said it will monitor the evolution of the situation after the iraqi Parliament had called for the expulsion of foreign troops in the country.

Todd Lane, a spokesman for the minister of national Defence Harjit Sajjan, refuses to indicate whether plans are in preparation to extend the canadian military personnel to Iraq if the situation deteriorates further.

Lawmakers in iraq have approved Sunday a resolution calling on their government to put an end to an agreement under which american and allied forces are stationed in the country to combat Daech (armed group islamic State)

The resolution is not binding, but it got the support of the outgoing prime minister.

The training mission of NATO-led by Canada in Iraq has been temporarily suspended, following the killing of the general iranian Ghassem Soleimani.

On Friday, a us air strike has killed an officer and several senior officials in iraq to the Baghdad airport. The general Soleimani was the strategist behind the proxy wars of Iran in the Middle East. Washington holds responsible for the death of hundreds of Americans in terrorist attacks.

“We continue to monitor and assess the situation. We remain in close coordination with our international partners, said Todd Lane, in an email. Our goal remains an Iraq kingdom, and stable. We want to prevent the return of Daech”.

Mr. Lane declined to say if Canada intends to withdraw its soldiers from Iraq.

“We have no other comment to make at this stage”, he stressed.

Canada has 250 members working for the training mission of NATO, as well as dozens of soldiers of the special forces working with the iraqi security forces in the north of the country.

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