Canada needs to regain its concentration quickly, believes Gallagher

Le Canadien doit retrouver sa concentration rapidement, croit Gallagher

Brendan Gallagher has indicated that the CH has to find the killer instinct – especially when he has the opponent on the ropes in the third period.

November 25, 2019 16.55


Canada needs to regain its concentration quickly, believes Gallagher

Alexandre Geoffrion-McInnis

The Canadian Press


The frustration is palpable in the Canada over the past few games. And Brendan Gallagher, which has been a difficult game in the company of Philip Danault, and Tomas Tatar on Saturday, did not hide that the present situation was beginning to annoy.

Defeat heart-breaking 6-5 in the hands of the New York Rangers still seemed to be difficult to digest, two days after the fact. So when he was asked whether the best thing that could happen to the players the Habs had to face the powerful Boston Bruins Tuesday at the Bell Centre, his response was not slow.

“The best thing, it would have been to win on Saturday,” he said, without turning. But we can’t go back, so it is necessary to seize the opportunities that present themselves to us. (Monday), it was an opportunity to return to work, to improve and to prepare for a tough game on Tuesday.”

According to the pugnacious attacker, the lower face of the Rangers is due to a lack of concentration from his team-mates and him.

“This is nothing major – it is easy to correct, but to prevent it from happening again it must work harder. If we succeed, then the results will come very quickly,” said the no. 11 for the Habs.

To achieve this, Gallagher is aware that his team-mates and he must trust in the system of game from the Habs.

“All the world is indebted to the team, to his teammates. We’re a team that can only succeed if someone is not doing her job. But when all the world is his affair, then we become difficult to beat. It is necessary to find it; be accountable to the team and our teammates. It is necessary that everyone contributes to.”

The veteran 27-year-old added that the CH has to find the killer instinct – especially when he has the opponent on the ropes in the third period.

“What I didn’t like our last few games is that we got opportunities, we ensure the victory in the third period, without, however, being able to enjoy it. It has been the case against the Ottawa Senators, in particular, and against the Rangers as well,” he recalled.

“It is necessary that certain players raise their level of play up a notch, and that they make the difference. We did earlier this season, but this is not the case the last few games. In this chapter, the other teams have done better than us. It is necessary to find ways to win these close games.”

In this sense, head coach Claude Julien mentioned that the Canadian needs to regain a sense of “emergency” – particularly as it will play four games this week, including three at home and two against his old rivals, the boston Bruins.

“When you lose four games in a row, your emotions are different, that’s for sure, he said. You’re frustrated. You have two points out of eight. We are aware of our place in the standings, and we want to remain among the best, so we must channel our frustration towards this objective.”

“Kotkaniemi is frustrated”

Among the other players who have been targeted by Julien following the financial collapse in the face of the Rangers is Jesperi Kotkaniemi. The Finnish is unrecognizable in his second season in the NHL, and his performance in many people concerned.

His last goal dates back to October 9 against the Buffalo Sabres, and he has not collected points since his mention of assistance against the Blues of St. Louis, 10 days later. His record of two goals and an assist in 16 parts, with a differential of – 3, is about this rather disappointing. Julien did not conceal that he knew of the difficult moments recently.

“It is not in the right state of mind at this time, acknowledged Julien. He is frustrated, because he wants to do well. His confidence level is not where it should be; it is unrecognizable compared to last year. But he’s 19 years old; this is not a veteran. He saw this kind of situation for the first time in his career. The next time that he would live such a situation, he will know how to get out of there and it will be much easier for him.

“Our job is to ensure that we are using to escape, he added. It must do its part, too, because the more you are frustrated, the worse it becomes. But I’m confident that if he works tirelessly, then he will regain his confidence and his bearings.”

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