Canadian assessment mission in Haiti: “There must be accountability”

Canadian Review Mission in Haiti: “There Must Be Accountability”

Emmanuel Dubourg, Member of Parliament for Bourassa since 2013 under the banner of the Liberal Party of Canada (PLC).

While Canada held an assessment mission in Haiti, Emmanuel Dubourg, Liberal MP for the riding of Bourassa, says the latter was necessary to adapt the Canadian response to the crisis that is shaking the country.


In an interview with Métro, the MNA for Bourassa expressed the opinion that the situation is alarming in his country of origin and that a Canadian response is necessary.

< p>“The situation in Haiti is serious; the country is going from one crisis to another. This crisis is multiple: at the security level, there are heavily armed gangs who control 60% of the capital and block the gas tanks, and the worst is that these gangs rape young girls, sometimes 10 years old, and even elderly women”, explains Emmanuel Dubourg, adding that the national police cannot do anything about this.

He adds that the crisis includes a humanitarian issue since the health system cannot take care of people who need care.

In addition, there is a humanitarian crisis since 85 000 women are currently pregnant in Haiti, including 30 000 ready to give birth. Hospitals are overwhelmed, especially with patients with cholera. We cannot make women give birth when hospitals are overwhelmed.

Emmanuel Dubourg, federal deputy for the riding of Bourassa

Evaluation to respond adequately

Emmanuel Dubourg specifies that the current Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, appealed to the international community and its political partners on October 6 to “immediately deploy a specialized armed force in sufficient quantity”.


For the MP, these meaningful words illustrate the crisis Haiti is experiencing and the need for Canada to study the situation there to better direct its response.

“We are in discussion between ourselves and the other partners to know what help to offer and how it will take shape. I specify that we want this mission to serve to give the tools to Haiti to find a solution by and for themselves.”

Canadian sanctions on armed gangs

Although it’ Although there is no will not to interfere in Haitian affairs, the Canadian government is nevertheless ready to impose sanctions on those who destabilize the country and contribute to violence.

“Canada is ready to impose sanctions on gang leaders and those who finance them. I am aware that members of the diaspora are against Canadian intervention. We are listening to these people who are traumatized by the UN and Canadian interventions of the past, but this situation is catastrophic. We are talking about kidnappings, ransoms, rape of minors and young girls, and these people must be accountable for their actions, ”says the Liberal MP.

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