Canadian Francophonie: Quebec unveils its new policy

Canadian Francophonie: Qué bec unveils its new policy

Minister Sonia LeBel

The Quebec government unveiled a new policy on the Canadian Francophonie on Sunday afternoon. Entitled “For a strong, united and committed Francophonie”, the action plan will require an influx of $8 million in new money over three years.

At a press conference, the Minister responsible for Canadian Relations and the Canadian Francophonie, Sonia Lebel stressed that the primary objective that the government has kept in mind in developing its new policy is to support “concrete actions”, “unifying projects” that have repercussions on the virality of French.

“Because of its status as the only French-speaking state in North America, Quebec is aware of the essential role it must play in protecting and promoting the French language. Quebecers are not the only Francophones, however. From Moncton to Whitehorse, vibrant Francophone communities help promote our language. We must work to protect them and increase their vitality,” she said.

Support mobility efforts

The new policy provides for an additional investment of $300,000 for the programs of the International Youth Offices of Quebec (LOJIQ), which aim to promote the development of young adults through the realization of a project involving mobility at the school. out of province.

In order to encourage the mobility of Quebecers aged 18 to 38, the Quebec government will notably increase the number of student and professional internships to the provinces and territories of Canada through the various Quebec offices across the country.

< p>Scholarships for the Canadian Francophonie within the Quebec research funds will also allow students from other provinces and territories to pursue research studies in French in Quebec.

“Mobility is important to have a better reciprocal knowledge and particularly for young people who carry the future of French. It’s important to support this mobility across Canada,” said Ms. Lebel.

The new Canadian Francophonie policy also includes the creation of a “distinctive mark of Francophone pride”, described by Ms. Level as a “French-responsible label”. This brand will be developed with the Center de la francophonie des Amériques.

“We want to develop and use this brand across Canada to identify organizations, businesses and events that not only promote the face of French, but also offer services in French. It’s a request that comes to us from the rest of the Francophonie across Canada to have this kind of brand to be able to clearly identify the organizations that participate in the promotion and vitality of French throughout our territory,” explained the Minister. Lebel.

The Center de la francophonie des Amériques will also be responsible for organizing annual meetings between Francophone representatives from various locations in Canada. The first of these meetings will be held in Quebec City on May 9 and 10.

Symbolic gesture

If March is already designated as Francophonie month, the Coalition avenir Québec will propose that the March 22 be recognized as the Quebec day of the Canadian Francophonie. The date of March 22 was chosen in particular because it’s the date of the birthday of the Franco-Manitoban author, Gabrielle Roy.

Ms. Lebel also maintained that Quebec must exercise its leadership in the Canadian Francophonie.

“We Francophones should no longer have to choose between defending French in Quebec and defending it elsewhere in Canada. It’s mutually beneficial to help each other like this,’ she says.

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