Canadians in favor of a mixed health care system

The Canadians in favor of a mixed health care system

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The establishment of a mixed health care system where mini-hospitals would be independent of the government, as is the presently in Sweden and France, would be desirable, say the Canadians. This is what an IPSOS poll on the question has determined.

“If Canadians still fear the abuses of the American system, they are ready to experiment with mixed models like those of France and Sweden, said economist Emmanuelle Faubert of the Montreal Economic Institute (IEDM) in a press release. In the Quebec context, this shows that there is a clear mandate for the CAQ's independent mini-hospital project.”

Survey figures show that the population considers massive reinvestments in the health of years as ineffective, while 33% believe that these reinvestments have harmed the health system rather than improving it. In this context, an independent mixed health system would better meet the needs.

“It is clear that Quebec and Canada are ripe for an overhaul of the health system, using in particular independent operators, insofar as access remains universal,” concludes the IEDM’s economist.

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