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caquiste pride

CHRONICLE – The last CAQ convention took place this weekend before the fall election. Clearly heralding its next electoral colors, the theme of “pride” will have occupied the top of the pavement.

True to their habits, the staffs of deputies and ministers were going to engulf social media with photos and videos of the said congress with, as a watermark, the theme in question. Declined in all sauces, this one had to interfere with each publication or almost: “Wow! Quite a congress!! It is with pride that I participated in it… with my fire team… of which I am so proud!” 

In Dorval that same day to welcome the first Ukrainian refugees, the Minister of Immigration could not help but affirm “his pride” in this regard. Proud to fulfill our international obligations, therefore.

In short, at the CAQ, we are proud. Proud to be proud. Full time.

Nothing wrong with that, but the following question nevertheless remains: what – and we ask it without malice – is François Legault's training so “proud”? Other than her spooky scores in voting intentions, of course, what concrete accomplishments propel her to the holy grail of self-congratulation?  

Because even a keen look at the balance sheet of the past four years leaves one dubious, if not flabbergasted.

Proud to… constitute the Canadian province with the most deaths during the pandemic?

From Herron? 

From the refusal to hold an independent inquiry into these human tragedies, potentially the most significant in recent history? 

From the ovation in the room to Marguerite Blais and Danielle McCann, the two ministers then in charge? 

Proud… of their environmental report?

A third link unanimously decried by the scientific and environmental community? 

The fact that Quebecers, per head of pipe, emit twice as many GHGs as the Chinese, and six times more than the Indians?  

To remove from the BAPE's analysis a host of controversial or questionable projects? 

To allow, as in the good old days, a few Northern Quebec mining companies to dump their waste directly on our lakes and rivers? 

Proud of… our health care system? 

Of the failure to respect their flagship promise from the last election campaign to tear up the agreement of an additional billion with medical specialists? 

To have had their ears pulled – and this is still the case – in order to honor their financial commitments to the beneficiary attendants, our pandemic “guardian angels”? 

< p>Proud of their record…in court?

From being picked up by the Superior Court after having: 

Wanted to illegally tear up more than 18,000 immigration files that were completed in due form? 

< p>Violated the separation of powers regarding judicial bilingualism?

Imposed a curfew to homeless people?

Denied childcare services to refugees? < /p>

Proud of… the fight against racism?

To deny the concept of systemic racism, yet scientifically demonstrated by the reports of the Viens Commission and the Quebec Human Rights Commission, and recognized by the RCMP and the SPVM? 

D' having defeated the resolution on Joyce's Principle, wanting that all Quebecers, including Aboriginal people, have access to the same health care? 

To have provoked, as a result, an appeal before UN Human Rights Committee?  

For adopting Law 21, which prevents Muslim women wearing the veil from teaching, in the midst of a staff shortage?&nbsp ;

Proud of… Bill 96, which allows OQLF inspectors to search, search and seize the offices of businesses, doctors or journalists without judicial authorization? 

Proud of… current labor crisis? 

From the one relating to inflation, where the $500 nanan given to everyone will have contributed not to solving the case, but rather to overuse it? 

From the housing crisis and its rents at $500-600, according to the Prime Minister?

Proud to have… governed two full years, which is a lot more than necessary, by decree? 

Proud to have… broken their crucial promise to add a proportional voting system? 

Moral of the story ? Well-founded, arrogant or exaggerated “pride” serves as an electoral screen of nameless efficiency. Because while we flatter ourselves with the satisfaction of the national belly, the true balance sheet and the real issues are eclipsed by themselves. Convenient. 

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