Cat wounded by an arrow from crossbow: not an isolated case

Chat blessé par une flèche d'arbalète: pas un cas isolé

After reading the story of Bruce, this cat injured by a tile of crossbow Monday night to Brigham, Annie Cantin has contacted the Voice of The Is to tell that the cat Tibi has suffered the same fate in October last year. The two sad events have happened on the way Coveduck.

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“On Saturday morning, my cat is out of the garage and I saw him with an arrow. He was breathing hard and it was bleeding. He went to die in the delivery “, recalls Annie Cantin, the voice choked by tears.

She is quickly gone to meet a neighbor who was on his field to the outside. “I know he’s hunting, so I asked him if he hunted with a crossbow, and he answered me not,” said she.

The next day, the lady went to the police station in Bromont — his property is located on this territory — to report the event.

Without naming anyone, Annie Cantin claims to have doubts about “one or two” neighbours, who might be responsible for this gesture, free and violent.

A ” nebula “

A few days after the incident, the immediate neighbor of Ms. Cantin told him that his own cat had disappeared. Then, the end of the next week, this is the second cat of Annie Cantin, Shifu, which was not found.

Coincidence or voluntary gesture ? The question arises, she said. She is also in search of answers and she monitors the neighborhood.

“One of the neighbors would have seen a person walking down the street with a crossbow and dressed in hunting-costume. […] I don’t know what he was doing there, because there are really no places to hunt in the corner, ” says the citizen of the path Coveduck, which connects the municipalities of Brigham, Bromont.

For his part, Pierre Lefebvre, general director of the Brigham, called this situation a ” nebula “. The municipality made use of the SPA des Cantons only as needed. It is up to the inspector municipal support complaints of this nature.

However, as it is a criminal act, Mr. Lefebvre is of the opinion that the case is under the jurisdiction of the Sûreté du Québec. He also informed the Voice of The Is that the SQ was ” well-seized of this matter “.

“If we were able to identify leaders, we could give a statement, said Mr. Lefebvre. You could check with the SQ who has the power of investigation. It may not be all of the resources to carry out the investigation “, raised by Mr. Lefebvre, referring to her small team.

He invites all concerned citizens to call the City.

Adney Norton and Hailey Downes, this pair of Brigham who has found their cat Bruce in a really bad point on Monday night, reported that another person had confided that her cat had also been wounded with a bolt from a crossbow.

The couple know that their cat Bruce is doing well. A campaign on GoFundMe was launched to help pay for costs associated with the intervention that he has had. For the moment, 375 $ have been collected on a total of $ 700.


When Hailey Downes and Adney Norton visited the Centre vétérinaire Rive-Sud on Monday evening, their cat, Bruce, has been taken care of immediately.

The receptionist has mentioned over the intercom that a “code yellow” was at the front. In this kind of cases, technicians and a veterinarian is present ” within one minute “.

There is obviously a time of reflection to identify the procedure to be done. In the case of Bruce, “he was placed under sedation in less than ten minutes,” points out Vicky Morin from the Centre Vétérinaire Rive-Sud.

During the night, a veterinarian and two technicians are always on site for emergencies.

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