Catherine Dorion puts his hoody auction

Catherine Dorion met son coton ouaté aux enchères

The mp Catherine Dorion has announced the auction of its cotton fleece on the plateau of Julie Snyder. The proceeds will be given to the House of the women of Quebec

January 9, 2020

Updated on January 10, 2020 at 0h19


Catherine Dorion puts his hoody auction

Catherine Dorion met son coton ouaté aux enchères

Thomas Thivierge

The Sun


The famous cotton fleece mep Catherine Dorion, who has done so much to react is now up for auction.

Catherine Dorion made the announcement during his appearance on the show The Week of the 4 Julie. The profits from the auction will be donated to the Maison des femmes de Québec, an organization that hosts and protects women victims of domestic violence.

“Violence against women won’t disappear tomorrow morning, but if you put on overdrive, that we mobilize, that we refuse to be silent, maybe one day, yes, we will defeat this scourge “, she said during the show hosted by Julie Snyder.

The mp is also arriving on the plateau of the emission of the string V as the group Blue Jeans Blue interpreted his huge success with a Cotton bulb.

On 7 November, the party of Dorion, Québec solidaire had argued that “the mps have challenged the president [prior to the period of questions] to ask for action against the member for Taschereau, who, according to these deputies, wore clothes which are contrary to the decorum”.

The incident occurred a week after the photo of Halloween jack to the red Room, where the member for Taschereau was “disguised as a congresswoman” in a short skirt and that had led to a complaint by the liberal Party in his place with the ethics commissioner of the national Assembly.

The auction takes place on the site section of the show dedicated to the auction. The winner will be announced Monday.

At the end of the evening Thursday, the update amounted to more than$2000.

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