Cathy Wong: cinema to change the world

Cathy Wong: cinema to change the world

Cathy Wong in 2012 (left) and 2022 (right).

Exactly 10 years ago, Cathy Wong took part in the television series The Escape Race Around the World, a show in which young filmmakers set off to make documentaries all over the planet. Barely finished her law studies, she exchanged her civil code for a camera and a tripod. A passion that has never left her, who now holds an important position at Telefilm Canada. 

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“I left without really knowing what to expect, but with the intention of making documentaries around the world”, she recalls. 

Since Always, Cathy Wong works to achieve greater social justice and to promote equality, equity, accessibility, representativeness, and inclusion.  

Through this adventure, she wanted to open up to a new medium of communication to share her concerns. 

“I wanted to tell the story of others to provoke reflection and bring about social transformations. It was a continuation of what has always been part of my journey. » 

Running can be said to have transformed the course of his life by reinforcing his desire to work for a fairer and collectively stronger society.  

Different commitments 

Upon her return to Montreal, she intensified her social commitment by continuing to make documentaries, notably Jeunes elsewhere, vieilles ici, focusing on the journey of four immigrant senior women, in addition to doing community development. in the YMCAs of Québec. 

For several years, she sat as president of the Conseil des Montréalaises, an advisory body to the municipal administration for all matters relating to the status of women.&nbsp ; 

She also continued to communicate her vision through her columns in the pages of the newspaper Le Devoir.  

Elected to the City&nbsp ;

In 2017, Cathy Wong became the first person of Chinese descent to sit at City Hall by being elected City Councilor for downtown Montreal.  

“It came as a shock, but also with a great sense of responsibility. I wanted to listen to the Chinese community that saw me grow up. » 

At the City, Cathy Wong was a member of the executive committee, responsible for diversity, employment inclusion, the French language, and the fight against racism and discrimination. , in addition to being the first woman president of the municipal council. 

Her political actions were for her a coherent and natural continuation of her previous commitments.  

Return to his old loves 

During her years in politics, her love for video and film has never faded.  

“I am a local movie geek. We have an extremely rich cinema in Quebec. » 

Since November 2021, Cathy Wong has been Vice-President Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Official Languages ​​at Telefilm Canada.  

“This position is the opportunity to continue the work started at the City and bring it to the local cinema community. This is an opportunity to see how we can work on issues of diversity, representation, equity in front of and behind the camera so that our cinema reflects who we are today and to ensure that the stories that we tell can be told by everyone in such a way as to be as representative as possible of our time.” 

“This is a position that has just been created and I am the first to have the happiness of occupying it”, she concludes. 

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