CBC and Radio-Canada suspend their activities on Twitter

CBC and Radio-Canada suspend their activities on Twitter

As the official CBC account has been identified as “government funded” on Twitter, CBC and Radio-Canada announce that they are suspending their activities on the platform. It is also on the social network belonging to Elon Musk that the news was first broadcast.

https://twitter.com /RadioCanadaInfo/status/1648040788377366567?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

According to CBC/Radio-Canada, Twitter’s policy that defines government-funded media as instances where the government “may intervene to varying degrees in editorial content” does not apply in its case.

< p>“CBC/Radio-Canada is publicly funded through a parliamentary appropriation voted by all members of Parliament. Its editorial independence is protected by law in the Broadcasting Act,” it was argued in a tweet on Sunday evening.

According to Radio-Canada, “journalists and other workers at the’ may continue to use this platform, while respecting, as usual, the standards and practices of the Crown corporation in this area”.

At the request of the leader-curator

The announcement comes as Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre claimed on Twitter on Sunday that the CBC was “Trudeau propaganda, not news.”

Mr. Poilievre also shared a petition calling on the Liberal government to defund the CBC.

He's also the Conservative leader who asked Twitter to label CBC accounts as 'government funded'. last week in a letter to platform leaders.

Earlier Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lamented that Pierre Poilievre had turned to “American billionaires” at the helm of Twitter to attack CBC/Radio-Canada.

For At the moment, the account of Radio-Canada, the French service of the public broadcaster, does not seem to be affected by the identification “financed by the government”.

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