Cégep student general assembly canceled

Cégep student general assembly canceled

The special general assembly (GA) of Cégep de Sherbrooke students which was to take place on Monday was canceled due to a lack of participants.

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Mireille Vachon La Tribune The special general assembly (GA) of the students of the Cégep de Sherbrooke which was to take place on Monday was canceled due to the lack of participants. No official decision could therefore be taken in relation to the difficult context of studies in COVID mode.

The quorum of 168 students was indeed not reached with some 120 participants in total, who however discussed their concerns informally, virtually and in person. Note that the classes were closed for the occasion from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

“There was a disappointment on the one hand, because we could not take official decisions, but one of our objectives was still achieved, namely to take the pulse of the situation with the students”, advance Maxime Lachance, coordinator of the executive council of the Cégep de Sherbrooke Student Association (AÉCS).

Several concerns, particularly with regard to the R score, uneven health measures and multiplatform teaching, which complicates the learning of cégépiens, were shared by students from different programs and levels.

“The stress levels and the mental health of the students are really not at their best,” regrets Mr. Lachance, who will continue, with the members of the AÉCS, to defend the interests of the student community with the administration.

“At the Cégep de Sherbrooke, when we say that things are not going well, it is not exaggeration, insists the coordinator, and what we take away from today's debate is that all students of all levels are more or less directly concerned, and many do not have access to resources, which are difficult to access. “

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How does he explain the fact that the student community was not there to defend its interests?

“Mobilization is much more difficult in times of COVID, especially because everyone is not on campus at the same time, and not everyone is aware of the available resources,” emphasizes Maxime Lachance , adding that in addition, this third EGM of the session was announced at the last minute.

“Whining it feels good, but taking action can help change things and get better”, proclaimed Michaël Perron, responsible for educational affairs at AÉCS, at the end of the GA, to invite students to mobilize to create change. For the moment, the holding of a fourth special general assembly is not envisaged by the AÉCS.

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