Cégep students called individually

Cégep students called individually

Cégep students will all be called.

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Tommy Brochu La Tribune The state of mind of the students of Cégep de Sherbrooke is not as dramatic as the new slogan of the Student Association “It is not going well all” suggests, thinks the director of student affairs, community and international. But despite everything, adjustments will be made.

“My impression – and I am not in the executive of the Student Association – is that it is a mobilization slogan. It's okay that they use a catchy slogan, and it's a nod to 'it's gonna be fine', ”says Martin Lambert, adding that there are issues and he has concerns about in relation to the psychological health of students.

“For about a month now, each student has been called individually,” he explains. People trained in helping relationships call them to check on the mood, which is a little less tragic. “

So far, approximately 5,000 of the 5,600 students have been called. “We hired a lot of additional resources. They all have training, they are social workers, guidance counselors or people with bachelor's degrees in psychology. We first ask them how they are doing, because it is a difficult time. Also to see if they have the impression of being in the right study program, ”he assures us, adding that these students could be contacted again during the winter session.

The committee on the psychological health of the student community, set up before the pandemic, has been reoriented.


Mr. Lambert however agrees with the student association on certain points. Adjustments are planned for the next session. For example, a week of study and supervision could be added.

“There is the March break, but we would add a week of studies and supervision that is not there in the winter session,” he says cautiously, because the Commission des studies must confirm the school calendar.

The issue of the multiplicity of platforms is also an issue that management wishes to resolve. “We see it and we hear it in the calls we make. We want to limit the number of possible platforms and we want to find a more uniform way. We work with the students, but also with the teachers for that “

By correcting these shots, Lambert believes the students will be better off. “In the appeals, these are things [that we heard]. I think the coaching week would have given a break. It is demanding. No matter what work people are doing at the moment, there is a greater psychological burden. It would have been a welcome respite, ”he says.

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