Charles Tisseyre back from stroke

Charles Tisseyre back from a stroke

Journalist, host and science popularizer Charles Tisseyre.

Charles Tisseyre is recovering from a stroke that occurred on October 7, he revealed to Annie Desrochers on Wednesday at the microphone of 15-18, on ICI Première.

The science popularizer, concerned with conveying information about strokes to the public, told how the event occurred. Confused and tired, he didn’t realize what was happening to him until his son, journalist Charles Alexandre Tisseyre, saw that something was wrong while listening to his father speak.

By reflex, Charles Tisseyre took an aspirin, thinking that the drug, which has an anticoagulant effect, could help him if he did indeed have a blood clot. His strategy has proven effective, but he advises that clots cause 9 out of 10 strokes, the others being caused by cerebral hemorrhage. He therefore stresses the importance of going to the emergency room, where a more powerful anticoagulant can be administered, among other things.

If this happens to you, don't be like me, saying “no, no, no, I'm tired, I'm going to bed”. Lots of people do that. What to do, according to what neurologists tell us, is to call 911 and get an ambulance to the hospital.

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Calling himself “extremely lucky”, he claims to have very little after-effects of the incident.

The famous host of Découverte, absent from his show for two months, has been replaced at the helm of the show by journalist Gaëlle Lussiaà-Berdou. In a column published in La Presseat the end of November, Hugo Dumas quoted Radio-Canada to explain that Charles Tisseyre “is recovering for a few weeks, but he is doing very well and he will be back airing very soon”. However, the reasons for his recovery were not mentioned.

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