Charlotte Cardin postpones her series of shows at MTelus

Charlotte Cardin postpones its series of shows at MTelus

Charlotte Cardin.

Faced with the uncertainty that hangs over the surge in COVID-19 cases in Quebec, Charlotte Cardin has announced that she is postponing her series of shows scheduled for January 5 to 8 at MTelus.

“It pains me a lot, I've been looking forward to this moment for three years now. This situation is obviously out of my control, but I promise you absolutely insane shows when we can meet in a safe way, ”she wrote to her fans in a post shared on Facebook.

Specific information will soon be communicated to ticket holders, she says.

Other cultural events have been postponed since the new venues were closed. show and cinemas. This is notably the case for the Cowboys Fringants show at the Bell Center, scheduled for December 27, and the performances of the play J & rsquo; aime Hydro at the Duceppe Theater, which were to take place from January 7 to 9. .

L & rsquo; Snatcher of time on Crave

The Seville Films have also announced Thursday morning that the film L & rsquo; Wracheuse de temps , directed by Francis Leclerc and inspired by a tale by Fred Pellerin, will be available on the Crave platform as of December 31.

“Under the circumstances, we are happy to be able to allow Quebecers from all over the province to have access to this work. [& # 8230;] The film will certainly offer a little warmth in the current context, ”said the president of the distribution company, Patrick Roy.

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