“Chez Padré”: talk, talk, chat, chat with Serge Fiori

&laquo ;Chez Padré”: talk, talk, chat, chat with Serge Fiori

Serge Fiori in “Chez Padré”

Could we have imagined that Serge Fiori would one day become an interviewer? The singer who is so rare on our stands is emerging today with a project that no one was expecting, Chez Padré, a series of web shows in which the legendary Fiori talks to different figures of the culture here. The result surprises with its simplicity and authenticity.

The guest skewer at Chez Padréwould make any seasoned animator in this world green with envy: Luc Picard, Régis Labeaume, Michel Côté, Guylaine Tremblay, Normand Brathwaite, Luc Dionne, Isabel Richer, Michel Barrette, France Castel, Anne Dorval and Louis-Jean Cormier all shared a one-on-one moment with the helmsman of Harmonium – alias Padré – on the shores of Lac Saint-Jean, the time to exchange confidences without filter. We also learn in the capsules that Serge Fiori has been an “adopted Bleuet” (resident of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean) since last year.

The discussion turns out to be relaxed, natural, flows naturally like unpretentious conversations between friends. As if Serge Fiori was chatting with his friends without a camera a few steps away. There is nothing like the complicity between an interviewer and an interviewee to arouse generosity in the subject, and Chez Padré demonstrates that we can carry out formidable interviews without boxes written by researchers in front of them.

Luc Picard returns to his interpretation of Michel Chartrand, perfect imitation in support. Normand Brathwaite recalls playing with Réal Giguère (“one of the most disciplined people I've seen in my life”) in La cage aux folles, and even having kissed the famous master of ceremonies of em>Jeopardy. Isabel Richer inadvertently drops an “estie” while explaining the illusions of television. Michel Côté talks about the secrets of filming Cruising Bar and its four very typical male characters. And so on and on and on from the best, memories like giggles.

And the episodes of Chez Padré open – as it should, would have -we feel like affirming – with a sung extract, in the voice of Serge Fiori, from 'A musician among so many others (“Where did all these people go who had something to tell …”).

You can watch Chez Padré on Serge Fiori's content channel (chezpadreavecsergefiori.ca). Individual capsules are available for $3.99, or the entire series for $29.99. A collection of promotional material (shirts, mugs, whiskey glasses, wine glasses) is also available.

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