Child bitten by a dog, the daycare remains open

Enfant mordu par un chien: le service de garde demeure ouvert

The small William Root, four years old, was shot in the face by a dog at daycare in a family setting that he was, at Orford, in November last.

December 13, 2019-4: 00 am

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Child bitten by a dog, the daycare remains open

Enfant mordu par un chien: le service de garde demeure ouvert

Jean-François Gagnon

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The childcare service in a family environment where a toddler was bitten by a dog, at Orford, continues to welcome children despite the loss of its accreditation. The minister of the Family in Quebec, Mathieu Lacombe, ensures that the situation is being taken seriously and promises to ensure that the children who attend always the place to be safe.

According to the information obtained, the owner of the day care service concerned, Jane Howell, has just decided to change the status of its child care facilities after the office coordinator of the CPE The Child-Do had withdrawn its recognition. The daycare became a private organization and is not subsidised.

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Dog bite in a child care centre: Dominique Alain “troubled” by the incident

“An inspector of the ministry of the Family is passed by the nursery on Wednesday after an anonymous complaint. For the moment, I do not know what are the results of this inspection. There are a lot of checks to be done to clarify all the items you want, ” said the press secretary of the minister Lacombe, Antoine de la Durantaye.

Although her service to the guard no longer offers subsidized spaces, Jane Howell is required to comply with various standards enacted by the provincial government. The ministry of the Family will attempt precisely to determine if the educator is in compliance with the rules.

Recall that, on 12 November last, a child of four years attending the day care of Ms. Howell was injured in the face by one of the dogs thereof. The teacher was later quickly received a fine of $ 646 per due to aggressive behavior and disturbing for the animal.

The child having been bitten by the dog should not keep sequelae physics of the incident. Despite this, the office coordinator of the CPE The Child-Do, Magog, has decided to withdraw its accreditation at the service of custody involved in this story for security reasons.

The minister wants to act

Mathieu Lacombe, do not hide it, he finds that the standards for child care services not funded are sometimes too lax and intends to propose legislative amendments to tighten the screws to these centers.

“Thanks to these changes, it would still better the health and safety of children. It is something which the minister already believed, even before the story of the child bitten on the face “, says Antoine de la Durantaye.

All indications are that the changes to the standards desired by the minister of the Family, will be adopted before the spring of 2020 by the provincial government.

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