Children are not sufficiently vaccinated

Children are not sufficiently vaccinated

children under six years of age are insufficiently vaccinated in Montreal

The Regional Public Health Department (DRSP) of Montreal considers that the number of children adequately vaccinated is insufficient to maintain collective immunity against certain serious diseases.

Faced with this alarming observation, a new information campaign on the regular vaccination of children aged six and under was launched on Thursday, December 1.

Measles vaccination coverage in Montreal would oscillate between 80 and 85% among kindergarten students (5 years old), while the target to prevent the transmission of the disease is 95%. “This exposes the Montreal population to risk situations, in the event of outbreaks,” says Catherine Dea, youth medical chief of the Montreal DRSP.

The immunization schedule for children 6 and under helps protect them against complications from several serious diseases, such as measles, meningitis, poliomyelitis and whooping cough. It is precisely thanks to vaccination that many of these diseases have almost disappeared in Quebec.

Doctor Catjerine Dea

The information campaign aims in particular to help Montreal parents find a place more easily to have their children vaccinated, in addition to encouraging them to keep their vaccination records up to date.

The youth medical chief of the Montreal DRSP mentions that vaccines are free, safe and effective in preventing serious complications. “And if they protect the child even better when given at the right time, it’s never too late to make an appointment,” she adds.

For the DRSP of Montreal, this information campaign is the first initiative of a longer-term exercise aimed at increasing the vaccination coverage of the population, with the collaboration of the CIUSSS and partners in the field.

The situation in Montreal is not an isolated case. As the World Health Organization recalled a few days ago, the COVID-19 pandemic seems to have caused a delay in vaccination programs around the world. The pandemic has been difficult for families and some barriers are still present.

Doctor Catherine Dea

To find out more about the content of the Montreal DRSP's information campaign, please go to:

For Montreal parents, it is possible to make an appointment for the regular vaccination of their children online:

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