Chloée FitGamer: from teaching to OnlyFans

Chloée FitGamer: de l&rsquo ;teaching at OnlyFans 

Before becoming known on Twitch, then on OnlyFans, Chloée was a teacher.

Before becoming known on OnlyFans, where she is now followed by several thousand people, Chloée-Mitsou Fortin, aka Chloée FitGamer, was a teacher. If she fully assumes this career change, she recognizes that this activity may not be “not for everyone”.

A teacher for several years, Chloée didn't become a content creator on OnlyFans overnight. It all started on Twitch, the live streaming platform on which it launched at the start of the pandemic. In addition to playing a few video games, she offers livesjust chatting” (just to chat, in French) during which she talks about her experience of the open couple and topics related to sexuality.

At the same time, she also became known on TikTok and Instagram, and quickly gained visibility, which made her want to explore other horizons. She then opens her OnlyFans account.  

“It's been almost three years since I started on OnlyFans. I really wanted to try and I don't regret it, she says. However, it is true that I was hesitant at first. I have two kids and going to OnlyFans, I knew it was going to get people talking.”  

If she never “received any hatein real life”, Chloée was however the victim of a photo leak and notices that the perception that others may have of her has changed.

I sometimes see it in the way people approach me. I am thought to be a hypersexual person in my private life when it is not. And even though I am an educated person, I also feel that I am given less credibility than before.

Chloee FitGamer

Chloée FitGamer: from teaching to ;OnlyFans 

Photo credit: Ariann photographer

Chloée FitGamer: From teaching to OnlyFans 

Photo credit: G.Lenses

A real work 

Yet, managing her OnlyFans account has become a full-time job for the former teacher. She spends at least 30 hours a week there. An investment that is worth it, according to her, since she has thus acquired total financial freedom. She enjoys making a good living – much better than when she was a teacher – creating only the content she wants.  

“It's a lot of work, yes. I reply to 200 messages a day and I have to produce content regularly, but I find that I have a good community of subscribers. I am followed by men, women, couples; I do collaborations with other designers… I love what I do!” she testifies.  

Despite everything, she regrets that her work is so stigmatized. She is also aware that her decision to become a sex worker on OnlyFans may have closed doors for her, preventing her, for example, from signing contracts with agencies or obtaining partnerships with brands on the other platforms where she is present.

“It's not for everyone and I regret that very young women get started without taking a step back. When I decided to create my account, I already had a certain maturity and I was able to understand the consequences that it could have, the way in which it could affect my life course, ”she concludes.

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