Christine Morency: explosive and authentic

Christine Morency: explosive and authentic

It really felt like a pop star show when Christine Morency took the stage on Tuesday night. She was in Quebec for the premiere of Grâce, her first solo show, in front of the excited audience of the Salle Albert-Rousseau.

Tabarnak >, chus-tu Céline?”, she exclaimed to underline the monster ovation of an already conquered public, which did not stop the whole evening. After her sensational entrance, Christine Morency began by warning those who do not know her style of humor.

“In life, I'm like the cousin not barred in family parties who makes you say” Coudonc, that's way too much information “”, she warns with accuracy. The taboo is a board game and not a taboo for the comedian who has revealed himself to the general public in recent years.

During the next 75 minutes, she therefore tells a panoply of anecdotes straight out of his very unusual daily life. Among other things, it is about his love for discounts and freebies, his competitive side and his sex life.

Incredible adventures, Christine Morency visibly saw much more than ordinary mortals. The segment about his visit across the US border had the whole room laughing out loud and will certainly have instructed the audience on what to do and what not to do while going through customs.

His aquatic misadventures on water slides and on a pedal boat, delivered with disarming efficiency and boundless energy, have everything to cheer up even the most hardened. The stories she tells are perfectly constructed to generate as many laughs as possible and you can feel the enormous creative work behind this first show.

Breath of fresh air

The comedian also tries his hand at social criticism with Grâce. Even if she is more vulgar at times, her sensitivity to different causes is always implicit in her words. She also deals more directly with hot topics like sexual misconduct and fatphobia with a refreshing twist.

Against all odds, she says she dreams of being the victim of an inappropriate sexual act. Afterwards, she explains that most women are confronted with this type of event at one time or another in their lives and that one in six men will experience sexual misconduct. “Why am I able to say no to a sausage dog, but not to number six?” she argues.

Strong and proud

One thing is certain , Christine Morency fully assumes who she is. With Grace, it is revealed from every angle in an authentic performance. The context of this first performance was all the more difficult, since she lost her best friend in the last few weeks.

The emotion was visible on the comedian's face after receiving a thunder applause at the end of the show. “I am so happy to be here, I am living my dream and I am extremely happy to have been able to live this evening in a city where I feel at home, she underlines. You treated me like a queen tonight and I'm extremely grateful.”

Comment from the laughing friend

Christine Morency offers a very solid performance from start to finish. In everything she does on stage, you can feel a great authenticity. It's impossible not to leave her show with a smile on your face.

Charlotte Lefebvre

Christine Morency will be back on March 16 and 17 and April 20 2023 at the Salle Albert-Rousseau.

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