Christmas and COVID-19: what we can (and cannot) do

No & euml ; l and COVID-19: what we can do (or not)

A relaxation of health measures will come into force in Quebec on December 23.

If the health measures have come to the end of Christmas 2020, this year, we are entitled to certain relaxations. But there is no question of & nbsp; double-dipping & nbsp; their raw vegetables & nbsp; or & nbsp; smooching & nbsp; all relatives. & Nbsp; Little & nbsp; guide & nbsp; for safe festivities.

& nbsp; the guests! No more than & nbsp; 20 & nbsp;

No, it's not this year that you will be able to invite all of your left buttock cousins. Private gatherings will be limited to 20 people as of December 23. Quebec has not, however, specified the maximum number of households that can meet. & Nbsp;

Those who plan to feast before will have to be content with being in the presence, under one roof, of a maximum of 10 people from three different residences. Otherwise, you can have dinner Christmas outside … There, we've been allowed to be until 20 for a while, & nbsp; but & nbsp; the turkey might be & nbsp; fret & nbsp; a little. & nbsp;

P arty without mask

You know it: wearing a face cover is a measure to protect those around you, but you are not required to keep it, even indoors. If you are doubly vaccinated. , & nbsp; you are “adequately protected”, according to the terms of the Government of Quebec. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Wearing a mask and social distancing remain & nbsp; however & nbsp; “strongly recommended “For people who have not yet received the vaccine. & Nbsp; If my uncle starts coughing, gently point him at the stack of brand new masks. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

If you feel the urge to sneeze, bend it into your elbow. COVID-19 or not, you will surely prevent others from catching your germs, whatever they are. No one likes to be sick during the holidays. & Nbsp;

Show & nbsp; white-paw & nbsp;

Before you give your hosts a frank handshake, go wash your hands! & Nbsp; We know the song: water, soap, and scrub for 20 seconds. Yes, you must not lose good habits. Washing your hands is not bad the basis of hygiene (and politeness).

No hug granny & nbsp;

If your grandparents are over 80 years old and they have received their second dose of vaccine more than six months ago, you should know that their immunity to the virus is weakened. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Research from the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec & nbsp ; moreover show an increase in cases in this segment of the population which, despite the double vaccination, has a more fragile immune system due to its age. & nbsp; & nbsp;

“Even if these people are considered to be adequately protected with two doses of COVID-19 vaccine, they are very likely to develop complications if they contract COVID-19 “, underlines the government. & nbsp;

Knowing that, it may not be not a very good idea to kiss granny or take turns on Santa's lap. No? & Nbsp;

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