Christmas for 20 people: “laughable” and “ridiculous”, says the PQ

No & euml; l & agrave; 20 people: & laquo; laughable & raquo; and & laquo; ridiculous & rdquo ;, says the PQ

The leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon

By recommending gatherings of 20 people vaccinated for the Holidays, public health responded to a “political order”, denounces the Parti Québécois.

“Their word is not worth much and they use public health announcements for political ends, as they have done regularly over the past year,” denounces Chief Paul St-Pierre Plamondon. There is an instrumentalization of public health issues for political ends and wear and tear we realize that it completely lacks credibility. ”

The population would realize this phenomenon, to the point where public health recommendations become “laughable and ridiculous”. The Parti Québécois proposes that public health opinions be disclosed to the general public as soon as they are drawn up, and that the national public health director Horacio Arruda be able to meet the media independently.

“Everything goes through the filter of the interests of the CAQ. So we won't know. We will not know what Dr Arruda really said to the government, ”Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon fears.

Your criticized

For the Liberal Party and Dominique Anglade, the CAQ must change its tone, and abandon its “paternalistic” attitude.

“[The CAQ] proceeds in this way: you behaved well, here is how we will reward you, criticizes Ms. Anglade. This is not the approach I would favor because I think Quebeckers are capable of making a fuss. But we have seen her on several occasions, we have seen her in the federal elections, when [she] told us who to vote for. ”

On Tuesday, the three main opposition parties gathered to demand a public inquiry into the management of CHSLDs during the first wave. For the Liberals, it is “very possible” that the relaxation announced by the CAQ was used to create a diversion from this common front.

“This is a government that likes to have a diversion when there is a specific issue about what they are doing. We have seen this on several occasions, this game of diversion there, so that would not surprise me absolutely, “suspects Ms. Anglade.

Large gatherings

Public health remains the “guide” and “beacon” of Québec solidaire, but the party is worried about seeing health measures change again by Christmas. “I don't have the feeling until now that we have been misguided through these years, through these two years. And, for the rest of things, that does not mean not to ask questions, ”comments Manon Massé.

From December 23, it will be allowed for 20 people to gather in a private residence. No coercive measures will be imposed on recalcitrant families, however, and no end date is set for the easing.

“We will not start going to private parties if people respect the limit of 20, ”said Christian Dubé at a press conference on Tuesday. “We trust Quebecers. People know the risk they take in bringing an unvaccinated one into a gathering of vaccinated people. We will not start applying for the vaccination passport. “

Current health measures should remain the same until the holidays.

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