Christmas in a bubble: activities for everyone!

Christmas in a bubble: activities for everyone!

It might be more difficult, but there is a way to have fun even from a distance.

So … once again, Christmas is over. Stuck alone, with your partner or with your roommates, are there still ways to have fun this holiday season? Yes of course! In addition to telling you about great tips for playing outdoors in Montreal, Métro suggests some not-so-easy activities to do within your own four walls.

Enjoy-virtual-animations of Pub Randolph & nbsp;

You have two options: the Randolph Quiz and the Games Party. & Nbsp;

The Quiz is led by a private Randolph facilitator via the Zoom platform. It covers general culture, current affairs and a host of other topics accessible to everyone. The Quiz has four rounds (visual, games, thematic and auditory).

The Games Party is also animated via Zoom. Participants play several festive and friendly games selected by the Randolph team.

Make & nbsp; your own quizzes and games & nbsp;

Pas necessarily need to resort to professionals to have fun . With friends, you can create your own quizzes (filled with inside that only your group will understand) and have a good laugh while having a good competition.

You can also invite your group to come together by videoconference to participate in a remote gaming session.

Alternatively, it is possible to play online games like Mario Kart Tower or Monopoly. The House Party app has also become a pandemic classic with games for up to eight players such as Heads Up!

And since it's the holiday season, it's a good idea to include a little alcohol.

Discover good bottles & nbsp;

Christmas will probably cost less this year. Take advantage of the money saved to spoil yourself by opting for & nbsp; good bottles of wine or spirits. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

If you are one of those who can still leave their house, go to the nearest wine merchant. (Some restaurants and wine bars sell privately imported take-out bottles since the law allows.) Otherwise, ask a charitable soul to race. It is also possible to order online on certain platforms.

Better, do a tasting in gang . Everyone buys the same bottles, and we talk about them before we get too tipsy.

Listen to a DJ set online

Even in a very small group (just with your bubble partner), it is possible to have a party … but you need good music. Unfortunately, you will not be able to invite a DJ. Fortunately, several DJs had to record sets online during the pandemic, which are still available. Visit the Shift Radio website to watch the DJ sets by several Montreal artists and rock your hips in your living room.

Watch a Quebec film & nbsp;

If you can't go out, take the opportunity to catch up on local cinematographic works. Several local cinemas, such as the Cinéma Beaubien, the Cinéma Moderne and the Cinéma Public, have had to temporarily close their doors. They do offer movies online, however. A golden opportunity to watch some recent Quebec releases such as The Drunken Birds , Prayer for a Lost Mitts , Sin La Habana and Contemplation of the mystery .

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