Christmas without purchase: how about revisiting our traditions?

No & euml; l without purchase: how about revisiting our traditions?

Whether it is for environmental reasons, to counter overconsumption or simply to avoid the shops, there are several good reasons to celebrate Christmas without buying gifts. If more and more families make this choice, others find it more difficult to abandon the tradition. & Nbsp;

As the holidays approach, many & nbsp; many & nbsp; ; needs & nbsp; for the sole purpose of meeting the imperatives of this time of year. & nbsp;

However, in 2021, others prefer to redefine old rituals according to their values. And traditional festivals are no exception. & Nbsp;

More than a fashion & nbsp;

For a fourth Christmas , Eva Boivin's family will celebrate New Year's Eve without exchanging gifts. & nbsp;

 Christmas without purchase: if we revisit our traditions?

Eva Boivin

In 2018, when the youngest in the family turned 19, the gifts became less interesting, explains the 24-year-old law student. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

“We were all at an age where the need was less felt, we could all provide for our needs. We were especially against creating a need to consume at Christmas, ”she says. & Nbsp;

It was his uncle Alain Gendron who first pioneered the idea of ​​redistributing the gift money to a close family friend who had just been diagnosed with leukemia. A total of $ 2,000 was raised. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

The following year, members of the Gendron family chose to donate funds to charity. This solution has since become their tradition. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Above all, it is a way for this family to fight against overconsumption and socioeconomic inequalities, says Eva Boivin. “Anyone can give according to their financial capacity. And this year, we discussed the possibility of volunteering instead, ”continues the student. & Nbsp;

In addition to saving money, not buying anything at Christmas allows her to stay away from the centers overcrowded commercials. “My family is happy to avoid the long lines, & nbsp; especially with COVID-19,” says Eva Boivin. & Nbsp;

More difficult for others & # 8230; & nbsp;

For his part, Louis-Philippe Dumas, 24, tries somehow to instill this way of doing things in his family. To assert his point of view, the young man says that he will not unpack his gifts this year if he receives any. & nbsp;

 No & euml; l without purchase: what if we review our traditions?

Louis-Philippe Dumas

“Christmas is a holiday that I enjoy a lot in general, like all more traditional holidays. I encourage everyone to go see their family, but we have to rethink this level of overconsumption which is encouraged just because it is a tradition that has been imposed on us a little since we were very young, argues he does. In the end, is it really necessary? “& Nbsp;

The environmental chemistry student thinks we all should have cut back yesterday. According to him, it starts with a change in the way we celebrate trade holidays. “In 2021, that's the main purpose of Christmas: we get together as a family and we give each other purely consumer products,” he laments. & Nbsp;

Last year, Louis-Philippe Dumas specifically asked his family not to play Santa Claus anymore, and to avoid presents on his birthday. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

“If I'm going to buy myself something from material, I always said to myself that I was the person best positioned to make the most optimal choice from an environmental point of view, ”he argues. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Au At the start, the young man was treated to a strong reaction from his father. “He was a little shocked because it's been a tradition with him for a very long time.” & Nbsp; & nbsp;

“He gave me a present anyway, but it was food . This is something I need so I was happy & # 8230; but it was in a big package so I was disappointed about that. “& nbsp;

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