Cinema: the 10 best films by 2021

Cin & eacute; ma : the 10 best films by 2021

Dune by Denis Villeneuve

This year we were treated to some hard-hitting films that move, make you think and dazzle. Here are the 10 films produced or directed by Quebecers who have made the greatest impression on the Métro team in 2021.


The adaptation of Frank Herbert's cult novel by Denis Villeneuve is simply spectacular! From the luxurious cast to the breathtaking images, the Quebec filmmaker also succeeds in making the film appreciate both to science fiction fans and to neophytes. We can't wait for more!
Amélie Revert


Six months after watching this film largely inspired by the life of Tracey Deer, we still have chills. The Kanian-born filmmaker Hehaka (Mohawk) draws on her childhood memories to tell the moving story of a young girl who experiences her adolescent crisis in the midst of the Oka crisis. A moving and painfully necessary film.
Marie-Lise Rousseau

The drunken birds

In & nbsp; The drunken birds , Ivan Grbovic explores the power and complexity of human relationships. The film notably highlights Marine Johnson and Jorge Antonio Guerrero in a story where emancipation and domination merge. Very special mention to the director of photography Sara Mishara who signs sublime images.
Amélie Revert

Dehors Serge outside

For the past few years, actor Serge Thériault has remained locked up at home, suffering from severe depression. Avoiding a voyeuristic approach, documentary filmmakers Martin Fournier and Pier-Luc Latulippe set up their camera at the couple living below him. In doing so, they are signing a deeply touching film, imbued with great empathy.
Jules Couturier

The Power of the Dog

After a long absence, the first woman to receive a Palme d & rsquo; or returns with this film co-produced by Quebecer Roger Frappier. Jane Campion stages a form of toxic masculinity and unmentionable desires throughout the story of brothers Phil and George & nbsp; Burbank. The result is startlingly complex and darkly beautiful.
Amélie Revert

Like a wave

Marie-Julie Dallaire has achieved the feat of filming the intangible with this immensely beautiful documentary about the power of music. Shot in black and white, Comme une vague is an ultra-sensory work that pays a striking tribute to this art that is too often taken for granted. Thrills guaranteed.
Marie-Lise Rousseau

Social hygiene

Denis Côté tries his hand at the absurd with this comedy that is as extravagant as it is convincing. Known for the experimental side of his cinema, the director this time takes us to meet Antoninus, half dandy, half crook, as immature as he is hedonistic and romantic, and above all, whom we love to hate. Surely the best remedy for confinement!
Amélie Revert

Maria Chapdelaine

A third film adaptation of Louis Hémon's flagship novel? Yes, and that in no way changes the pleasure of rediscovering Maria's fascinating story. Punctuated by the rhythm of the seasons, Sébastien Pilote's work raises complex questions about belonging to the territory that still resonate today.
Fanny Forest


Sophie Dupuis immerses us in the mining world of Val-d'Or, her native land. After Watchdog , she continues her reflection on the theme of the family, but in the fraternal sense of the term this time. We follow in Souterrain the strained friendship of Maxime and Julien, admirably embodied by Joakim Robillard and Théodore Pellerin.
Amélie Revert

So be it

This documentary by Maxime Faure offers an intimate immersion in the community of the Helping Sisters of Quebec, which numbered only eight. Faced with their imminent disappearance, these nuns are revisiting their social commitment and their feminist struggles. They thus open up to their relationship with life and death, and prepare themselves, solemnly, to pass the torch.
Fanny Forest

Honorable mentions to…

    < li> Prayer for a lost mitten by Jean-François Lesage
  • Bootlegger by Caroline Monnet
  • The perfect victim by Monic Néron and Émilie Perreault
  • Sam by Yan England
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