Civil service: salaries still too low, according to the SFPQ

Public service: salaries still too low, according to the SFPQ

The statistics are clear for the Common Front of the unions and the SFPQ who consider the wage gap still too wide between the Quebec public administration and the other sectors.

Despite the wage catch-up for public service employees illustrated in the most recent report by the Institut de la statistique du Québec (ISQ), which highlights the wage differences between the Quebec public service, the private sector and other public sectors , the Quebec Public and Parapublic Service Union (SFPQ) and the Common Front believe that the gap is still too great.

“In 2022, employees of the Quebec administration earn an average of $55,652; this is a salary 11.9% lower than that of all other Quebec employees working in companies with 200 employees and more, indicates the ISQ in a press release. A delay of 8.7% is also observed compared to employees in the private sector and 18.6% compared to employees in other public sectors (state corporations, universities, municipalities and the federal administration in Quebec).

However, the ISQ data show a significant increase in the overall compensation of the Quebec public service compared to 2021. The overall compensation takes into account pension plans, group insurance, holidays and the normal workweek in addition employee salaries. Thus, the ISQ finds that the employees of the Quebec administration receive a total remuneration of $44.69 per hour.

“It’s inadmissible that the government of Quebec places itself, year after year, in a position of weakness in front of other employers; this directly affects services to the population, explains the general president of the SFPQ, Christian Daigle. The Quebec state empties its workers every day to the benefit of other employers, including those in the municipal and federal sectors, who receive much higher wages for similar tasks.”

Even his of bell on the side of the Common Front, which will use the data in the next union negotiations. “Beyond the figures presented by the ISQ, it is the observation of the issues that undermine our public networks that must be tackled. The Legault government will have to take the measure of the salary offers that it must submit to state employees at the end of December. These will have to allow a real enrichment. It takes more than goodwill, broad guidance and a slew of thanks. The status quo is not acceptable”, conclude the union leaders.

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