Claude Legault back in the “Bye Bye”

Claude Legault de back in the “Bye Bye”

Radio-Canada is announcing this morning the headliners for Bye Bye 2023. Among them is Claude Legault, who is back in the cast after two years of absence. The actor had taken a break to treat a burnout.

The core of Bye Bye 2023 is also made up of Guylaine Tremblay, Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais – who stole the show last year – and Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse , announces the broadcaster.

Comedians François Bellefeuille and Patrick Huard, who were part of the cast during the last draft, were not drafted this year. However, Radio-Canada adds that several other personalities will make appearances in the sketches of its end-of-year review.  

For the eighth consecutive year, Simon Olivier Fecteau is directing the popular television gathering, always accompanied by producer Guillaume Lespérance. 

Remember that last year, 4,702,000 million Quebecers were there on the evening of December 31.

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