Claudia Bouvette releases a powerful clip for the song “Douchebag”

Claudia Bouvette releases a powerful music video for the song «Douchebag»

Claudia Bouvette

In her new single Douchebag, singer-songwriter Claudia Bouvette celebrates the release of a toxic relationship with power and vulnerability.


In a pop with electro influences reminiscent of the universe of Milk & Bone, who can currently be seen in Big Brother Celebrities repeats like a mantra the phrase “Douchebag better run”.

Baby look it's on me, yeah it's on me/Cuz I let you treat me like I was nothing more than your bitch/Now that I'm out of it, I get it you're a sad boy/You're just a sad boy, she sings forcefully in the chorus.

The music video for Douchebag, directed by Soleil Denault, shows Claudia Bouvette alone, dancing to free herself from the threads that hold her captive in an unhealthy relationship. The director describes the song as “a pure expression of healing and empowerment“.

The song was co-written with Connor Seidel (notably a collaborator of Charlotte Cardin and the Boulay Sisters ) and Vincent Roberge, better known by his pen name Les Louanges.

A first album

Claudia Bouvette enjoys the release of Douchebag to announce that his first full-length album, The Paradise Club, will be released on May 20.

His record label Bonsound describes it as “a flagship album where rants combine brilliantly with dance steps; where the frank and raw language, skilfully passing from English to French, sails on the sparkling rhythms.

Until its release, we can follow Claudia Bouvette's journey daily in reality TV >Big Brother Celebrities.

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